War Thunder codes (April 2024) – free tanks and planes

Last Updated on 17.04.2024

War Thunder is the most comprehensive, free, cross-platform military MMO game dedicated to World War II and Cold War aircraft, armored vehicles and naval vehicles. Aircraft, ground troops and warships are encountered.

Game Features

  • Over 2,000 highly detailed aircraft, tanks, warships, helicopters and other combat vehicles
  • 100 maps with important historic battlefields
  • Numerous multiplayer and single-player game modes and events
  • Regular updates, including new vehicles, maps, missions and countries
  • Different levels of realism for novice and experienced players
  • Stunning graphics, authentic sound effects and dramatic orchestral music

Sometimes the developers of MMO action publish promo codes that give you the opportunity to get various in-game bonuses or equipment. Below you will find working codes for War Thunder for April 2024.

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Working bonus codes for War Thunder

As in other projects, there are codes for various bonuses in the game. Usually, the developers add them to the game every month, as well as linking them to various festive events. In April, you can use the following codes for stickers:

  • WTBUTCHER – “Russian Butcher” sticker;
  • PO-LI-GON – Sergey Chikhachev sticker;
  • WARTHUNDER500K – sticker by WT500K;
  • WTDESCOM-BESTWORK – free rewards
  • REDDIT100K – Reddit sticker.

Active promo codes for War Thunder

In addition to open codes, which are valid for a limited period of time for anyone who enters them, there are promo codes that have a finite number of uses, and sometimes you can catch them on Reddit or other sources. In no case do not look for promo codes on dubious sites, which require entering your email, account password or other data, otherwise you’ll become a victim of fraudsters! You can activate a promo code only on the official site of the game.


Working codes for War Thunder

What are War Thunder bonuses?

Activation codes allow you to get in-game currency, premium account days and various in-game items. Codes can be obtained during various promotions, as well as on broadcasts and social networks.

How to activate War Thunder codes?

How to activate War Thunder codes?

  • Go to warthunder.com or store.gaijin.net.
  • Go to your profile and there you should see the “Activate Code” section.
  • Enter the promo code in the “Activation code” field.
  • Get rewards or bonuses.

That’s all we know about War Thunder promo codes for April 2024 to date. We update the list regularly, stay tuned! Be sure to read our War Thunder guide if you don’t know much about the game.

Now you know enough to start playing War Thunder, get an early advantage in the game and make no mistakes. We wish you good luck on the battlefields.