Warframe Tips For Beginners: What you need to know first

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

In this beginner’s guide I’ll try to summarize the main important nuances of Warframe and give some useful tips that I hope will help you save time, nerves and money. In this article, I’m going to touch upon several topics that require a lot of time and materials to fully expose. So everything here will be short and to the point.

Economics in Warframe

Many people are probably wondering, is it possible to fully play Warframe without investing real money in the game? The answer is yes, you can. You can play Warframe completely without any restrictions, without investing money. Of course, it’s possible that you’ll have some difficulties with this at first like in any other free-to-play game, but there is no blatant cutting of content or game’s functionality, making you invest real money in Warframe.


And now let’s get better acquainted with the device of in-game economic system. At the moment there are 3 major currencies in Warframe – credits, ducats and platinum.

Credits can be obtained as drops as rewards for completing missions and participating in index matches. Credits are used to buy weapon blueprints in the in-game store, to pay tax when trading with other players, to create equipment and for a number of other daily operations. At first, you will probably experience a shortage of credits. But later on, their extraction is unlikely to become a serious problem for you.

The second in order, but perhaps the first in importance, currency is platinum. This is the so-called donation currency, introduced in the game by buying it from the developers. In addition to the above method, you can buy platinum by trading with other players. By the way, do not rush to get your bank card right now. As a daily reward for logging into the game, you’ll get a discount on the purchase of platinum, reaching as much as 75%. Platinum is mainly spent to buy weapon and warframes slots, as well as reactors, catalysts, ready-made warframes and weapons, slots for rifting mods, jewelry and of course on deals made when trading with other players.

Ducats – a special currency, necessary to purchase unique and rare mods, jewelry, weapons, Relics of the Abyss and even one quest from the mysterious merchant Baro Ki’Tir. He flies every second Friday to one of Tenno’s Relais, where he will trade his wares for 48 hours, taking your credits and ducats as payment. You can get the latter by exchanging your Prime Weapon and Warframe blueprints from the Abyss Breaks missions for them. The exchange takes place in any Tenno Relay 24/7 at the automatic ducat kiosk, which displays the time left until Baro Ki’Tir’s next visit in addition to the ducats themselves. Note that some Prime items are much more profitable to sell for platinum to other players than to exchange them for ducats. As far as the Merchant of the Abyss merchandise is concerned, I advise beginners to focus on Prime mods first and to buy some decorative crap last.

What to buy for platinum in Warframe

What to buy for platinum in Warframe

The most important thing, in my opinion, are weapon and warframe slots. The point is that the rank upgrade system is quite complicated and incomprehensible for an untrained person. Here, in contrast to many games, to increase your rank you need to create and pump up to level 30 different new equipment. Thus, to continue your development, you will need to constantly mine or create new items. The number of slots (i.e. places) for them is limited. And to increase it, you need to increase your rank, or buy slots for platinum in the in-game store.

Subsequently, when the deficit of free space for equipment will be eliminated, I recommend choosing a few warframes and weapons that you like, and increase their capacity with catalysts, reactors and forms. Of course, slots can be freed up simply by discarding already pumped equipment. But at first, until you understand all its variety, I wouldn’t recommend you to remove it too much.

Gaining Experience and Rank Upgrade in Warframe

Your warframes, weapons, companions and archwings can be upgraded up to rank 30. At the same time, the capacity, i.e. the number and level available to install in these items, of the mods will increase as their rank increases. Moreover, in the case of warframes and some companions, increasing their level will also increase their base characteristics.

Frankly, telling you about the direct pumping and experience distribution will only confuse you. So I will tell you this. As a beginner I recommend you to play in groups where there are experienced strong players who will do the main work of destroying the enemies. You, on the other hand, should not interfere and to the best of your modest abilities help to perform the task assigned to your party. For your idleness, you’ll receive so-called synthesis – a kind of experience that will be distributed between the items of your equipment, thereby increasing their rank up to 30th. At the same time, your account rank, called skill level here, will only be credited with experience from the first time you pumped an item up to level 30. Thus, neither repeated purchase of the same item, nor resetting the level of an already upgraded item using forms will allow you to gain experience necessary to increase the skill rank.

Separately, I would like to point out that the normal and Prime versions of the equipment are considered different items, and experience is accrued for them accordingly.

What is a Skill Rank in Warframe

In fact, it is a measure of the player’s experience. That is, an analogue of the level of the character in MMORPG games. In Warframe as the level of mastery you get access to new weapons, trade with other players, increasing the number of available for the use of equipment slots, some quests, the ability to visit certain Relays, the daily limit of getting the reputation of various Syndicates and other still unknown and partly unnecessary for you as beginner things.

Each time you want to increase your skill rank, you must pass a variety of tests, which I recommend that you take seriously. After all, if you fail a test, you will only be able to attempt it again after 24 hours, which will definitely delay your development. But don’t be alarmed. Before the upgrade test, you can try to complete it in training mode. To do this, you need to fly to any Relay, move to Cephalon Simeris and turn to your right corridor, where you can either start passing the test or preview it in test mode.

What are mods in Warframe

I won’t go into this topic in detail right now. I will only say that these are the items needed to increase the characteristics and improve the effectiveness of your equipment. They can not only improve the main parameters of weapons, guards and warframes, but also give them new properties. The whole game is actually built around enhancing the items available to you with mods. You can install them in almost any equipment available to you.

Mods have a number of parameters, conditions, features, and gradations, and can also be enhanced. There are a huge number of them in the game, and it’s unlikely that a beginner will be able to figure them out in a hurry.

Where to get equipment in Warframe

The initial source of obtaining equipment for you will be the quests, opening transport units, as well as farming available to your bosses. For the first time this will be enough for you, with more than enough. Additionally, you can buy in-game blueprints or some ready weapons for credits, or copies of them with installed catalytic converters or reactors in case of warframes, but for platinum.

I also recommend you as soon as possible to one of the many clans, where you can copy the weapon and warframe blueprints available in its research labs. In this way, you will be able to greatly expand your arsenal and not experience a shortage of items with which to upgrade your skill ranks.

In the future, having got the hang of Warframe, sooner or later you will start visiting missions of Abyss Breaks, where you will unlock relics – special items containing various Prime equipment, including weapons, archwings, guards and warframes. Essentially, Prime items are, for the most part, improved analogues of regular items. And unlike ordinary equipment, Prime items can be exchanged with other players, as well as sold for platinum and converted into ducats.

What equipment to wear as a beginner

This outfit will make it a lot easier for you to become a Tenno. The weapon I recommend any newbie get as soon as possible is Ignis or Ignis Wraith. And among the warframes I recommend for early acquisition are Sarina, Khora, Nekros, Rino, and it would be a good idea to master Limbo. Many will probably disagree with my recommendations, but that’s just my personal opinion. And it consists in the fact that my recommended equipment is able to cover the whole range of tasks set for beginners.

As for guards and companions, I think newcomers should take a closer look at Helios, Carrier, and Smeeta Kavat.

What equipment to wear as a beginner

The Hub (ship, player base) in Warframe

The most important thing is the Star Map. It shows you the planets available to you, missions, alarms, and various events and events. As you increase your skill rank and discover new planet transport hubs, the number of missions available to you will increase.

The second most important corner of your ship is the Arsenal. Here you can equip weapons, change warframes, install mods, and most importantly, select a unique combination of decorations and colors for your equipment, emphasizing your exquisite taste.

The third most important place is the Foundry, where you’ll use your blueprints to create most of your equipment, including weapons, warframes and consumables.

Next to the Forge is a machine whose main purpose is to work with mods and endos. Here you can pump your mods, exchange unwanted mods for endos or credits, and equip your kinetic sculptures with ayatan stars, thereby increasing their value.

The next rather in-demand terminal is the Abyss Relics improvement segment. Here you can see what relics you have and what you can get if you unlock them. This is also where you can improve relics using the Echoes of the Abyss. This procedure is necessary to increase the chance of getting rarer Prime items when unlocking relics.

Finally, three more very useful terminals await us in the Hub. One is intended for interaction with Syndicates, and the other is called Codex, and is, in fact, its in-game knowledge base, containing information about the world of the game. Standing apart is a huge in-game store console, providing access to blueprints and warframes, slot purchases, color palettes, boosters, skins, decorations, and much more.

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