Warpath: Top 5 tips and tricks for beginners

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

The strategy game Warpath differs from the classic representatives of the MMORTS genre. One of the main differences is the freedom of movement on the world map. The developers from Lilith Games abandoned the “world/city” mapping system, giving users the unique opportunity to develop their base without having to move to another screen.

The second difference is the variability of units and the ability to form a unique army. This adds tactical depth to the game, but it also requires smart resource allocation, forming a powerful garrison to defend your base, and other actions.

In this guide, we will give you 5 tips to help you quickly reach a high level of development and become the strongest player of your server.

Allocate resources for troop upgrades wisely

If you want to create a powerful troop, the first thing you need to do is to decide which troop types you will be upgrading. At first, you will have rank four infantry and tank units at your disposal. They are good enough and with proper development can become the core of the army.

But we want to become the best at the craft of war, right? So wait until rank five units appear on the list of troops available to you. With few exceptions, they are the most powerful units with the possibility of additional upgrades. Focus on them, learn the special technology, and very soon you will not be equal in strength on the entire server map.

Check out the deals on the Black Market

Black Market – one of the ways to bargain with surplus resources for other, more scarce goods. This section can be accessed through the “starter kits” banner on the main game screen.

The main value on the Black Market is in boosters and the resources needed to upgrade your troops: units, combat experience, ammo, and coupons. Don’t forget about this opportunity – sometimes bartering can be a good strategic decision.

Regularly send planes out for reconnaissance

Many players downplay the importance of map reconnaissance, but it can make you a lot stronger. First, the discovery of new areas will allow you to choose a more convenient place to place your base. A favorable strategic position greatly affects the process of your development. Being at a distance from powerful players, you can not worry about the safety of your camp and engage in extremely important operations.

Second, during reconnaissance, planes find various objects that can be explored for additional resources. Yes, even if they are not as great as, for example, air supply parcels (don’t forget that either), but sometimes there are very useful things there. For example, gold or coupons to unlock a new type of unit.

Don’t forget to gather resources from the map

Need I say again about the importance of gathering resources from the world map? When all the rewards for completing quests are exhausted, this will be your main type of supply.

From the very beginning of Warpath, you will have only one convoy vehicle. Later, you can increase the number to five by learning industrial development techniques.

Complete daily missions and send troops to destroy enemies

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of sending troops to fight Raven units. In addition to increasing the level of commanders assigned to units in combat, you are also guaranteed to get resources to improve your base.

The point is that the game is designed to have enemy units guard valuable objects: planks, bricks, or bags of cement. All this is necessary for you to build new objects in the camp. And since these units are scattered all over the world map, you will definitely have someone to fight with!

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Follow the five tips above to build up a powerful army and challenge the strongest players on your server. Remember that there are many more aspects to Warpath that deal with upgrading units, campaign missions and even daily quests and timed events.

These are all things you’ll have to consider when playing, but the tips we’ve given you are the basic things that will have the most positive effect on the development of your camp. Use them and become a better Warpath player with pocket-codes.com. Also, don’t forget to check Warpath codes for February 2024 on our website.