What does a newcomer need to know about PunBall?

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

What happens if you take the models and mechanics of improvements from the game “Archero”, the basis of the game “Arkanoid”, carefully mixed, and put it on the phone based on “Android” (or “Apple”, whichever is closer)? The result is an AAA game…

Good afternoon. Today, I will tell you about a game that came out on October 23, 2021. PunBall, is an interesting project with simple mechanics. Enemies are moving towards us, and we need, by choosing the right angle, to shoot a volley of balls so that the enemies do not get to us.

With each level, the enemies will become more diverse and stronger. At higher levels, though, only the health and damage to the enemies changes. Every 20 waves we are waiting for the boss, which is similar to everything we have already encountered, only it takes 4 cells. Special abilities have not noticed, except for the vampire (in case of death, turns into a coffin, which, if not broken in 4 turns, again turns into a vampire, active 1 time).

In the game, there are different equipment that will help you pass different levels. For example, there is a ring that damages enemies who are trying to heal. Improved items are free, from three of the same we get one enhanced. Combinations are not a lot, but with each update will be more and more. Also, soon will be a big update that will add to the game pets and new skills. What I like about games like this is that you can run any levels. If you wanted to relax, you can go down 10–20 levels and kill the boss with 1 ball.

Is there any advertising in the game? Yes, and a lot of them, but they are optional. There are no intrusive ads after every battle, which is nice. Want to get some kind of bonus, enhancement, or more coins? You can watch the ads and get it. The game has a lot of microtransactions, the first week literally the whole starting screen is covered with these “tasty” proposals, but at the same time, it looks organic, and not annoying. Another drawback is the amount of energy. There is catastrophically little. 10 energy is spent to enter the main level, 15 – on the event, 20 on the test. Full recovery of energy will take 3 hours (1 energy every 6 minutes).

What does a newcomer need to know about PunBall

Game tips

  • There are a lot of events in the game. Don’t try to get everything at once. Initially, you need lots of purple crystals and gold to improve weapons and skills.
  • Blue crystals can be used to open 10 chests at once, but it’s better to wait for the right event, with interesting rewards (there’s a chance of falling out many times higher).
  • If at the beginning, the orb of freezing looked superfluous, the more it is needed. Bosses have too much health, and they easily and quickly get to the end of the playing field. 2–3 hits with the balloon will ensure that unwanted enemies are steadily idle while the rest of the balloons strive to destroy all of them.
  • Killing all enemies is not always a good decision. Sometimes you can take damage to get rid of them. After a hit, all enemies disappear and there is no need to reset their health.
    An interesting combination is the void ball + homing missiles. By taking 3-4 related skills (for example, when a void ball hits an enemy, missiles are launched, every 50 combos a void ball is launched), you can easily clean an entire field, as the missiles target the weakest enemy.
  • Bosses have uneven edges and are better explored. There are several points that drastically change the direction of the balls, which will allow you to hit the boss more than three times in 1 shot.
  • There are groups that share codes for April 2024 with gifts, if you want to speed up the passage, it will help a lot.

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If you start playing this, it’s at the beginning of the project, when there is very little content. A year later, there will be a lot (if you compare how “Archero” developed), which will only repel a new player and scare his clutter. Models are nice, animation is smooth, and the music is not stressful. Those who have played “Archero”, quickly get oriented in the skills, the rest of the advice to experiment and pick up your branches. There is no one-size-fits-all, every enemy has its own shortcomings.