World of Stands Tier List – best stands (May 2024)

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Hello, World of Stands fans! If you are here, it means that you also, like me, can’t get enough of this exciting game on the Roblox platform. Stand clashes, strategic battles and incredible abilities make this world truly unique.

But we all know how difficult it can be to decide which stand to choose for your team. With so many different possibilities, it seems like every new choice is an entire epic saga. But don’t despair! We have the perfect guide for you.

World of Stands Tier List

In this guide, we rank all stands from S to C, so you can immediately understand which ones are worth including in your team and which ones should be left on the shelf.

Our evaluations are based on a thorough analysis of game mechanics, effectiveness, and the overall impact of stands on gameplay. And yes, we haven’t ignored updates and balance changes, so our tier list is always up-to-date and ready to use. Before you go, make sure to take a look at our other tier lists, including the Anime Rangers tier list and Anime Roulette tier list!

S Tier

  • Killer Queen
  • Silver Chariot

A Tier

  • Echoes
  • Magician’s Red
  • Star Platinum
  • The World

B Tier

  • Vampire
  • Sticky Fingers

C Tier

  • Anubis
  • Weather Report
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper

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So whether you’re stuck for choice or just looking for new strategies, our World of Stands tier list will always help you on your way to victory. Get ready for an incredible adventure and don’t forget to check back here often – because the World of Stands is always changing, and we are ready to guide you through its mysteries and secrets.