2D Clickers codes for April 2024 – gems and boosts

Last Updated on 11.04.2024

Explore the universe of Roblox 2D Clickers, where your clicks hold the power of currency. Accumulate clicks to unlock the fascinating realm of pets, each hatch amplifying your click earnings. As your clicking prowess grows, venture into larger eggs to unveil superior pets. These loyal companions play a pivotal role in elevating your clicks per click ratio. But the excitement doesn’t end there – initiate a rebirth for a lasting click boost multiplier, amalgamate pets into radiant golden companions, and unlock entirely new dimensions.

For those who crave an additional challenge, the 2D Obby beckons, promising a thrilling adventure.

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New 2D Clickers codes

  • Forest – free rewards (NEW)
  • 2D – Gems
  • RELEASE – free rewards

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to redeem 2D Clickers codes?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to redeem codes in Roblox 2D Clickers:

  1. Begin by locating the Menu button, situated at the bottom of the screen beside the Rewards option.
  2. Click on “Codes” within the menu.
  3. A text box will appear. Input a valid and active code into the text box.
  4. Press the “Redeem” button after entering the code.
  5. If the code for April 2024 is still active, you will receive your free rewards instantly.

By following these simple steps, you can easily redeem codes and enjoy the additional rewards they offer in Roblox 2D Clickers.

How to get more codes?

To discover more codes for Roblox 2D Clickers, you can explore the following methods:

  1. Join the Roblox Group: Many games have official Roblox Groups. Joining the Roblox Group associated with 2D Clickers can be a way to stay connected with the game’s community and receive announcements, including new codes.
  2. Join the Discord Channel: Game developers often use Discord channels to communicate with the player base. Joining the official Discord channel for 2D Clickers can provide you with real-time updates, discussions, and exclusive codes shared by the developers.
  3. Check Official Social Media: Follow the official social media accounts of 2D Clickers or its developers on platforms like Twitter. Developers frequently share news, updates, and promotional codes through their social media channels.
  4. Visit Community Forums: Participate in Roblox community forums or the game’s specific forums. Players often share codes they discover or discuss the latest updates related to the game.
  5. Regularly Check Websites and Pages: Keep an eye on websites and pages dedicated to collecting and sharing Roblox promo codes. Some websites aggregate codes for various games, and you may find the latest 2D Clickers codes there.

Remember to be cautious and only use codes from official sources to avoid any potential issues. Developers typically share codes for April 2024 through their official channels to reward players and encourage engagement.