5 Effective Tips for Starting to Play Infinity Kingdom

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

The starting actions in Infinity Kingdom determine the style of development of your settlement, the speed with which you can accumulate power, and the potential for further growth. It is very important to take your time and make informed decisions, because it can take a long time to undo the consequences of a wrong move. Often newcomers fail to recover from the wrong actions, and they ignominiously abandon their settlement.

To prevent this from happening to you, the Pocket Codes editorial staff has compiled 5 of the most valuable tips for beginner players of Infinity Kingdom. By sticking to them, you’ll unlock the full potential of your territory and set the stage for rapid growth in the next phase of the game!

5 Best Tips for Starting to Play Infinity Kingdom

Upgrade skills that speed up your inner-city processes

Most players in the early stages of the game increase the power of their army, forgetting about the parameters of resource gathering, building speed etc. Such tactics have some merit, but be prepared for the fact that you will soon encounter the problem of stunted settlement growth.

To avoid this, focus on development skills. Strengthen the relevant branch in the “Ruler Talent” section, learn production technologies in the “Academy” and spend resources only on building upgrades.

Postpone army formation until later in the game

A large army at the beginning of the game does not give any advantage. First level units are no match for stronger opponents, even though they have large numbers of troops. And a lot of resources have to be invested in their recruitment and subsequent treatment.

It is better to wait for the moment when you open units of the second or higher level to form an army of them. We understand that the temptation to be strong at any given time is great, but this is the only way you can pump up your settlement and give battle to paying players.

Buy fragments of heroes at the market

The market opens at level 7 of the castle and offers you a number of good deals. The first thing you’ll want to buy is fragments of heroes. You can buy them for your soul crystals, which are given as a reward for completing quests and for sorting immortal fragments you don’t need from the Alchemist.

Don’t leave too many resources in your account by the time you leave the game

The problem with all beginners in strategy games is the frequent attacks by stronger players and the inevitable loss of resources. To prevent this, you can use a protective barrier. It costs from 100 (for 4 hours) to 1200 (for 3 days) gems.

But what to do if there are no gems and the stock of protection ran out? Use a little trickery! Plan your timing and buildings in such a way that by the time you leave the game, you’ll always have a few resources left in your account. Even if you’re attacked by an enemy, all they’ll be able to do is lightly beat your warriors, destroy some traps and lower the strength of the wall. Making up for that damage is a lot easier than losing millions of resources and having to save up everything all over again.

Reinforce legendary and epic immortals first

Most players prefer to spend resources on all available heroes. This approach can not be called wrong, but it is what subsequently forces the purchase of paid chests with materials for enhancement. If you are ready to donate, then feel free to flip through this tip. If not, make it a rule to pump legendary characters first, then epic and rare characters.

Also, send your troops into battle against dwarves and bosses more often so that you can level up your heroes without wasting experience scrolls.

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Stick to these tips to get a guaranteed advantage over 80% of the players in Infinity Kingdom. You are also free to choose a different path of development than the one we offer.

Experiment, try new tactics, and defeat all the enemies in your path! Don’t forget to check Infinity Kingdom codes for May 2024 on our website. Become the strongest player at Infinity Kingdom with pocket-codes.com.