Alchemy Stars codes for June 2023 – free in-game goodies

Last Updated on 02.06.2023

Alchemy Stars is a role-playing game where you are transported to an ancient world where many different people live. You can move freely through this huge world, testing your magical abilities, fighting dozens of enemies and discovering new abilities.

Alchemy Stars has a turn-based battle system where you have to place your characters in an arena. To elaborate, there is a table of sorts, divided into four separate squares that can accommodate one of the celestial warriors. On the right side of the screen is a column that allows you to drag a fighter to the desired location.

Depending on the strategy you choose, and the attacks used at any given moment, you can either attack more or go on the defensive more. During each fight, it is very important to analyze your opponent’s qualities in order to be able to focus your actions wisely. In any case, always consider your character’s class and personality in order to form a balanced team that will allow you to get out of any extreme situation during the game.

Alchemy Stars offers a huge world full of different elements and the opportunity to carefully explore every section of the map. You need to defeat a lot of enemies, and, to do so, you need to develop the abilities of all your warriors. You will only be able to defeat the most powerful monsters if you assemble a squad with complementary energy.

Are you looking for the Alchemy Stars codes for June 2023 to give yourself an advantage in the new RPG? Well, your search has led you to the appropriate location. We will post the most recent and updated codes for Alchemy Stars in this article.

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All Alchemy Stars codes

Valid promo codes for June 2023:

  • ASGamer1215 
  • ASLIVE1215 
  • askranniversary12 
  • ASGACHA2022 
  • ASLIVE1214 

Alchemy Stars JP Server gift codes

  • alchemyfanart
  • Alchemycosplay
  • alchemyweek2 
  • alchemyweek3

All Alchemy Stars codes

Expired codes

  • AS1V18TH7478
  • FGW1J30S
  • FGT6VWQ3
  • by1snomdt
  • FGV6EP4O
  • 2U19Q0AD
  • GG06699Q
  • ASSK14TH975
  • ASTH2022VD
  • ASTH2022CNY
  • ASTH2022
  • Lighttower1
  • queen1
  • northland0
  • grace0
  • Asyouwish

How do I use Alchemy Stars redemption codes?

Redeeming an Alchemy Stars code is simple. If you’re having issues, just adhere to the simple instructions listed below.

  • Open Alchemy Stars.
  • Complete tutorial.
  • Click the ! icon.
  • To the very bottom of the events tab, scroll down.
  • Select “Code Redeeming Center” from the menu.
  • Check your mailbox after entering your code for June 2023.
  • Enjoy your free gifts!

Where can I find new Alchemy Stars codes?

Using their social media platforms, including Twitter, you can find Alchemy Stars gift codes for June 2023. In connection with updates and promotional activities, they occasionally publish new codes. If you want to always be informed, save this page and return frequently to check for new updates.