Anime Dimensions codes for March 2023 – free tokens, gems, boosts, and more

Last Updated on 16.03.2023

The newest codes for Anime Dimensions for Roblox. These codes for March 2023 will allow you to get additional drop bonuses, boosts to help you earn even more rewards and items during the game. In addition, the list of current codes on will allow you to get free gems, cash, experience and drop.

Anime Dimensions is an anime-style game from Albatross Games studio, developed for the Roblox platform. Players can travel through their favorite anime dimensions, battling the toughest anime bosses and collecting their favorite characters. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled a list of all valid Anime Dimensions codes for March 2023 that you can exchange for free in-game items.

One of the most popular Roblox anime games is Anime Dimensions Simulator (its official game name, though everyone just calls it Anime Dimensions). It’s only getting better with new updates, content drops, and, of course, a slew of new codes.

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Valid Anime Dimensions codes

Active codes for March 2023:

  • 1WA5TE6R – 100 gems and free boosts
  • 1S5LAYER5 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • SUN – 300 gems and boosts
  • 1BATT5LE4 – 100 gems and boosts
  • 1Y5ZENS3 – 100 gems and boosts
  • WORLD – 100 free gems, 100 raid tokens, and free boosts
  • C1URS52ED –100 free gems and free boosts
  • SA1G5E1 – 300 gems and free boosts
  • BANKAI – 300 gems and free boosts
  • NEWYEAR – 300 gems and free boosts
  • HA1T50SU – 100 gems and free boosts
  • 1AL4TE9R – 100 gems and boosts
  • 1PRIES4TESS8 – 100 gems and boosts
  • K14IN7G – 100 gems and boosts
  • CONTR14OL6 – 100 gems and boosts
  • 1FIE45ND – 100 gems and boosts
  • ULTRA – 100 gems, 100 raid tokens, andboosts
  • 1J4I4N – 100 gems and free boosts
  • 1CHA4INS3AW – 100 gems and boosts
  • PO1CHIT42 – 100 gems and boosts
  • CHAINSAW2 – 100 gems, 100 raid tokens, and boosts
  • 1N40OMI – 200 gems and boosts
  • RED139 – 100 gems and boosts
  • CHAINSAW – 100 gems, 100 raid tokens, and 20 minutes of free boosts

You can return here frequently to see when new Anime Dimensions codes are added – we keep track of all the codes released for the game by following the creators on Twitter and hanging out in the community Discord.

All Roblox codes are case-sensitive, which means you must enter them exactly as they appear above. To make things easier, copy and paste them directly into the game.

Valid Anime Dimensions codes

Expired Anime Dimensions codes

  • GIFT
  • 700M
  • 1OB38I
  • MU1G4E1TSU
  • M1OC3H0I
  • TOB1U35
  • SH133LD
  • AK1U3MA4
  • BA131KUBRO
  • 1CY3BO2RG
  • B1EA3S6T
  • 13SH7RINE
  • oneyear
  • PETS
  • 11BESTB8OY
  • H11ANA9
  • ITABO120RI
  • MO1N21KE
  • ALTER123
  • REAP1E24R
  • CRI125MSON
  • E1MP2E6ROR
  • RED
  • 1RAMU2RA7
  • MO1NA2RC9H
  • NOJ128
  • 600MVISITS
  • 11BESTB8OY
  • 1NIL1IN6
  • 1PASTA11
  • 1SUS12KY
  • R1O1K3IA
  • GEAR5
  • 970COMBAT
  • ESDEAF960
  • 950SUNG
  • 940NOJO
  • 093000
  • 92000
  • 910KC00DE
  • 100KTOAMIL
  • 890KCODE
  • 88880K
  • HALF850K
  • 840K840

Where do I enter codes in Anime Dimensions Simulator?

  • Start the game and select your character.
  • Click the tweet bird button in the top left corner.
  • Enter the code in the text box and click GO to get the reward.

What are Anime Dimensions codes?

These are developer-provided freebies that can be redeemed in-game for boosts, tokens, and other cool freebies. New codes for March 2023 are released for things like milestones and updates, which the game receives on a regular basis.

How can I get more Anime Dimension codes?

Check our page frequently for the most recent Anime Dimension codes; we check, so you don’t have to. Remember that there is a codes board in the game that is regularly updated as the game progresses. These codes are only valid for a limited time, so make sure you check them (the board is located next to the leaderboards!). Other codes are available from the developer via Twitter or Discord.

What Is Anime Dimensions?

Players in Anime Dimensions travel across countless Anime worlds, fighting to the death against anime-themed bosses. As they play, players can collect characters from popular titles such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, and others. After acquiring characters, players can level them up by using special Dimensions cards.