RPG Champions codes (May 2024) – boosts

Last Updated on 16.05.2024

In RPG Champions, you use three forms of currency to buy and enhance armor, weapons, and abilities that will help you in your travels and make you stronger. These are the currencies Coins, Crystal, and Bluenite. You can obtain them by completing Zone Quests, defeating foes, or selling unwanted equipment.

You can also use codes for May 2024 to obtain unique equipment or currencies for free and fast. Codes are quick and simple to enter, and they are well worth it to get a jump start on your adventure.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when confronted with something this huge. Getting as many freebies as possible with our RPG Champions codes for May 2024 is one approach to keep your head above water. This can net you free weaponry, among other benefits, to ensure you’re prepared to take on the toughest bosses.

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Working RPG Champions codes

  • dusty – 1k dusts
  • 30kthanks – XP boost
  • 55kfavs – coin boost
  • winter – 12-hour double coin boost
  • jjk – 30-minute 10% crystal chance
  • 25kthanks – 30-minute double XP boost
  • 45kfavs – 30-minute double coin boost 
  • COINBOOST – 100% coin boost
  • CRYSTALBOOST – plus ten percent crystal chance
  • THANKYOU – free Northwind weapon

Expired RPG Champions codes

  • BETA

How should I enter RPG Champions codes?

Fortunately, redeeming your RPG Champions codes for May 2024 is simple. In reality, whether you’re playing Roblox on PC or mobile, the method is the same. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Boot up RPG Champions from the Roblox game page.
  • To the right of the screen, press the yellow Reward button.
  • After that, click the pink Exclusive Codes icon.
  • Enter a code from our list and click Redeem.

How do I get more RPG Champions codes?

The RPG Champions Discord server should be your first port of call. It serves as the game’s major community site and may eventually host codes. The game’s Roblox description is likewise extremely extensive, however it currently lacks any codes.