Archero: Tips for Beginners

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Newcomers to Archero are not immune to making the typical mistakes that prevent you from improving your character right from the start of the game. The complexity of dungeons and chapters will increase all the time, and it will be incredibly difficult to pass them using only skills. You can become a real pro in character management, but the ability to use the resources wisely and not to be tricked by cunning developers is much more important than you think.

In this guide, we’ve compiled 6 tips for you to significantly boost your character and improve your skill in Archero.

How to Get Better at Archero? Tips for Beginners

Do Not Purchase Items from the Mysterious Merchant

This mysterious guest appears suddenly in the arena. The merchant blocks your way to the next room, forcing you to evaluate his assortment. As a rule, they are scrolls, equipment and weapons.

It’s not a good idea to spend resources to acquire these items, as valuable loot is often dropped from monsters. In addition, it’s better to save coins for talent boosting, and stones… that’s our next point.

Collect stones to open 10 Devil’s Chests

Devil’s Chests are the lootboxes from which fall items of unusual, rare and epic levels. The chance of getting something sensible is quite high, especially if you open 10 chests at once.

The benefit of this approach is that the cost of opening 10 chests is 400 stones cheaper than opening each chest individually. Use this trick to get the most out of spending fewer resources. We also recommend picking up a daily free Gold Chest for watching the ads.

Talents first, then everything else

This is one of the most important rules in Archero. From the very beginning of the game, do not even think about upgrading your equipment and hero. Instead, invest your coins in talents, passive skills that give a permanent bonus to your character’s performance.

Talent upgrades allow you to easily complete the first few chapters. During this time you will have time to get scrolls, coins and quality equipment. It makes sense to level up only rare and epic items, because they are the most powerful in Archero.

Do not get new characters

Here’s a little secret: a well-powered starting character is better than any other. Do not waste resources on additional characters, at least at the beginning of the game.

The unique skills of the unlocked characters are nothing more than bait. In arena combat, it’s more important how you evade attacks, what weapons you use, and what set of temporary skills you collect.

Watch the clips for rebuilding your character, getting Wheel of Fortune bonuses, and the daily set of supplies

After the first death of a character in the arena, you can resurrect him or her. In some cases, Archero offers to do this for only 30 gems, but sometimes the option to revive for watching videos appears.

After passing the bosses, a mysterious spirit with the Wheel of Fortune appears in the arena. He offers you the chance to win a random temporary skill or a few extra coins. The obligatory wheel spin attempt is followed by another, bonus one. It’s only available five times a day. So you can get a few hundred more coins or an extra dozen stones.

The daily supply set is a set of 30 stones, 5 energy points and 5/9 random improvement scrolls, given once per day. To pick it up, click on the holiday box icon in the upper left corner of the main screen.

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Following all the tips in the guide will help you develop your hero and improve your Archero skills faster. If you want to become a top monster hunter, you should take advantage of every opportunity available.