Black Desert Mobile. Tips and tricks for beginners

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

For those of you who still do not quite understand what is happening or are new to the game MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, you can read the following tips to quickly understand the basics.

Create multiple characters

Black Desert Mobile in every way encourages players to level up at least three different characters. This mechanic combines only those characters that have been created to play within the same server. For example, if you complete a quest or defeat a difficult boss by one of the characters, others can skip these activities and receive the same reward.

Each character class in this game is unique and better suited for certain tasks than others. Most players prefer to start a campaign as a Warrior or Barbarian, but there are several bosses in the world of BDM that deal huge damage in close combat. Naturally, they can pose a threat to heroes attacking at short range, but will prove weak against the Enchantress or Archer who specialize in ranged attacks. When you run into another “wall” in development, the game hints that it’s time to change heroes or invest real money if you’re willing to do so.

Throw your gear between characters

Let’s say you’ve developed your character to level 30 and hit the progression wall. Now you have to start the campaign for a new character, but that doesn’t mean you have to look for equipment again. First, the Black Spirit is common to all characters on the server. If you improve it with the main character, it will be pumped for the others as well.

Also, once the camp opens, you can visit the warehouse and leave all your equipment there. Then choose another character and pick up loot for upcoming battles. This way, you’ll gain extra combat power points and focus on passing the ill-fated boss that caused so much trouble for your main character.

Always do daily activities

Daily quests are a good source of materials and resources. Doing trivial things is enough to complete many of them. For example, use a certain potion several times. Others, related to camp or PvP battles, will require some involvement on your part. Either way, they are easy to do and yield generous rewards.

Concentrate on the growth of combat power, not on the development of individual characteristics of the character

At the moment, BC points (or character combat power) in Black Desert Mobile are poorly balanced. Regardless of class and play style, the biggest character boost is achievable only by increasing combat power.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what features your equipment has. If it adds little BC, you should upgrade your character’s equipment when you get more powerful items. You can also focus on making purple gems for your gear, at least until your character’s combat power is over 2500 BC.

Make friends from the beginning of the game

You can add up to 50 friends in Black Desert Mobile, and it’s best to do it as early as possible. When someone has been online for at least 24 hours, you can send them greetings. You get special tokens for each greeting. These can be used to buy special chests with valuable loot (from resources to items of equipment).

Accumulate knowledge about each city

Knowledge is one important way to increase your combat power in Black Desert Mobile. You can accumulate knowledge by performing various activities: meeting people, completing quests, destroying bosses, or killing a certain number of mobs.

To avoid returning to every town after level 55, when combat power can only be increased by knowledge, check the list of important people in the area. Any person on that list with a book icon next to their name can give you knowledge if you talk to them.

Let Black Spirit do some of the important work for you

In Black Desert Mobile, raising your level is just as important as increasing your character’s combat power. We talked about this in the quick level up guide, but let us take the liberty of repeating the most important aspects. For example, as soon as you reach level 20, you will be offered a special family quest. When you complete it, a special Black Spirit mode will open.

It will allow you to hunt, gather or fish automatically after quitting the game. Just don’t forget to log in every 3 hours to pick up loot and restart the timer.

Explore the World

A huge number of mechanics Black Desert Mobile is implemented just so you can explore the fantastic world of the game. For example, you can’t just turn on automatic extraction of a particular type of resource. To begin with, you need to explore the location to find their location, and then do the farming yourself.

Similarly, you can spend time talking to interesting NPCs, searching for and taming horses, and doing trivial side quests for a generous reward. Wherever you go, you’ll have plenty to do. It’s this aspect that makes Black Desert Mobile the best game in its genre. Also remember that there are Black Desert Mobile codes for April 2024, which are very helpful in the game.