Blue Locked League codes for April 2024 – spins

Last Updated on 11.04.2024

You are introduced to the world of fantasy soccer through Blue Locked League. Have you ever imagined what soccer players might be like if they have superhuman abilities? You can play soccer like you’ve never played it before with this wild Roblox Experience. This soccer game won’t leave the ground in one piece, since it was inspired by anime series where the protagonists have incredible superpowers!

Players will be able to use the codes for Blue Locked League to receive Talent Spins and Aura Spins. The Spins are a form of in-game money that players can use to roll for talents. For new players to catch up and ease into the game, these resources will be extremely helpful.

Put your best foot forward and get ready for some virtual soccer because our Roblox Blue Locked League codes for April 2024 are here to help you score.

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New Blue Locked League codes

  • /code GROWTHSPURT – height (new)
  • /code FLOWSTATE – aura (new)
  • /code BALDY – hair (new)
  • /code MICHAELKAISER – three talent spins (new)
  • /code RUNITBACK – one archetype reset (new)
  • /code THUGSHAKE – three flow spins (new)
  • /code SKILLISSUE – flow spins
  • /code CHRISPRINCE – reset
  • /code JULIANLOKI – talent spins
  • /code EGOIST – three talent spins
  • /code LOCKOFF – five height spins
  • /code CHEMICALREACTION – five aura spins

New Blue Locked League codes

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

I have Blue Locked League codes, how can I use them?

Just follow these instructions to redeem your Blue Locked League codes for April 2024:

  • Launch Roblox’s Blue Locked League.
  • Open the chat window by using the ‘/’ key.
  • Put the code in.
  • Click enter.
  • Enjoy the benefits!

How can you get more Blue Locked League codes?

Following the developer on Twitter at @MarkoSumisu or on their Blue Locked League Discord server is the best method to make sure you receive the most recent Blue Locked League codes. Although we are continually on the lookout and update our code pages frequently, it is also a good idea to bookmark this page by clicking Ctrl+D to remain up to speed with the latest codes.