Echocalypse – 6 tips and tricks for fast progress at the beginning of the game

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

The latest Echocalypse game from Yoozoo Inc is due to be released globally this month, after the release in the SEA took place on October 5, 2022. Players can’t wait to try out the sci-fi role-playing game, because Yoozoo Inc is known for its high-quality hits, such as Infinity Kingdom, Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, and many others. One of the strongest distinguishing features of Echocalypse is its tendency to attract casual players and provide high-quality gameplay that does not require pointless grinding. Echocalypse will be launched as a free-to-play game in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store with in-game microtransactions enabled. Currently, players can pre-register on the official website to receive some exclusive rewards at the start of the game.

In Echocalypse, players can create an entire base for their characters, called “generals” according to the official in-game terminology. Players can interact with them and develop their relationship with each individual general. In addition to side activities, the main gameplay of the game consists of various PvP and PvE content. The basic combat system of the game is quite simple to understand and does not require much manual intervention. The characters act independently, except for their special abilities, which are under the control of the player. In addition to special abilities, at the right moment, you can use some active abilities with the appropriate period of action to cause certain effects on enemies. The characters of Echocalypse are fully voiced by industry professionals, which makes the game even more exciting. A large amount of money was spent on creating a detailed plot for the players. In fact, players are rewarded for watching the stories rather than skipping them.

In this article, we will give some useful tips and hints for Echocalypse, which will certainly help new players to make progress. Remember that this article should not be confused with a beginner’s guide, as we have outlined it briefly and to the point.

Everything newcomers to Echocalypse need to know

Tip #1. Re-rolling for a Better Start

Re-rolling is one of the best ways to get the perfect start in any game. Many games either do not support this process or make re-rolling extremely difficult. The re-rolling process in Echocalypse is quite simple and straightforward, making it desirable to start the game with some good characters. For a general reference, players can look at a tier list of some of the best generals in Echocalypse.

Pre-registration rewards of at least ten summons are available to players. These prizes will be delivered to your in-game mailbox. We recommend starting the game with at least two SSR generals. The Echocalypse has a beginner banner that guarantees players 1 SSR general after 20 summons. However, you can keep this banner until you get SSR General from the first ten summons on the event banner, which will go live on that date. This is due to the beginner banner’s limited options, whereas event banners are likely to have the newest and most powerful generals available.

Tip #2: Concentrate on the Expedition Stages of the Main Story

Clearing the main story of the game should be the primary goal of new players in Echocalypse. Players may not realize it, but the majority of the game’s content is locked behind your progress in the main story. Aside from unlocking new game modes such as Cage Fight, Expedition, and so on, players can also obtain some incredible resources that are extremely beneficial to new players. Elementiums, mission data, and action points can be used in the gacha system to summon new generals, upgrade the current roster of owned generals, and continue playing through the story mode and advancing your account level.

Players can also obtain many Tribute Points, which can be used to upgrade their Generals or to purchase additional resources in the market.

By completing the main story chapters, players will also receive many Goldflowers, the premium currency used in the game for a variety of purposes including summoning, refilling Action Points, and purchasing exclusive items in the market. We recommend that players 3-Star the stages in each chapter to get the most out of them. Do not skip the resource boxes that are available between stages. They also offer many Action Points and Tribute Points.

Tip #3. Battle Attributes and Mechanics

Echocalypse is a massive hub for various types of battle attributes that will perplex even the most seasoned veterans of the genre. Echocalypse’s various game modes feature over 30 different battle stats. The majority of players, however, will only be concerned with 4-5 main stats such as Attack, Defense, Health Points (HP), Speed, Critical Hit Rate, and Critical Hit Damage. Here are some unknown battle attributes that many players may be unaware of:

  • Final Damage Bonus: Total DMG bonus at the end of combat.
  • Final Damage Reduction: Total DMG reduction at the end of combat.
  • Initial Rage: An initial energy bar for Cases to cast skills.
  • PvP Attack: Bonus DMG in PvP modes.
  • PvP Defense: Bonus Defense in PvP modes.
  • Healing Bonus: Increases healing in combat.
  • Healing Reduction: Reduces healing during combat.
  • Block: A defensive stat randomly triggered to reduce DMG taken.
  • Block Strength: Determines Block effects when Block is triggered.
  • Block Reduction: Determines Pierce effects when Block is triggered.
  • Pierce: Bypasses Block to deal more DMG.
  • Critical Hit Reduction: Resistance to Crits triggered by attacks.
  • Critical Hit Strength: Crit effects triggered by attacks.
  • Damage Bonus: Increases attack DMG in combat.
  • Damage Reduction: Reduces attack DMG in combat.
  • Fusion Crit: The probability of Artifact skills dealing Crit DMG.
  • Fusion Crit Resistance: Resistance to Crit DMG of Artifact skills.
  • Fusion Crit Strength: Increases Crit DMG of Artifact skills.
  • Fusion Crit Resistance Strength: Increases resistance to Crit DMG of Artifact skills.
  • Fusion DMG Bonus: Increases Artifact skill DMG.
  • Fusion DMG Reduction: Reduces Artifact skill DMG.

Tip #4: Use Effective Combat Strategy

According to the tradition of many RPGs, the proper formation results in an effective victory! Echocalypse is one such game that adheres to this to its core, as it lacks the element system found in almost every RPG today. Instead, it has a formation class system reminiscent of MMORPG games. Each character is assigned a class, and their base stats and attributes are defined based on their class. The three main classes in the game are as follows:

  • DPS/Attacker – Characters with a high attack rate, critical hit rate, and critical hit damage who deal the most damage in the team. Although classified as DPS, there are many exceptions that can be compared to a mix of DPS and Supporters.
  • Supports/Healers – Characters with exceptional abilities who can grant heals, buffs, and debuffs. These characters are generally built like tanks, but lack the stats that make tanks useful.
  • Tank/Defense – Having a high base health, defense, block damage, and resistances. Tanks are characters who should be placed first in any team formation because they can absorb the majority of the incoming damage. Keep in mind that exceptions exist in this class as well, with some Tanks capable of dealing significant damage.

Tip #5: Begin improving your generals

One of the simplest ways to advance in the game is to simply power-level your generals to increase their strength. For those who are unaware, Echocalypse employs a level-locked system in which the maximum level of each General is linked to the level of your account. As a result, it is always necessary for players to farm in order to level up. This will allow them to raise the levels of their Generals. Increasing your General’s level increases their base stats and allows them to deal more damage, take more damage, and so on.

Breakthrough is yet another fantastic way for players to boost their Generals’ base stats while also unlocking the Artifact segment. Having a large roster of characters to choose and deploy from will only help you later in the game when you unlock PvP game modes like Cage Fight.

Each General is unique in their own way and performs best when upgraded. However, leveling up all of your owned Generals is not recommended because it can result in a massive loss of resources that could have been used otherwise. Our advice is to build a strong pool of generals, say 5-10, and focus all of your resources on them. Mission Datas of varying rarities are required by players in order to level up their Generals. These mission data can be obtained from a variety of sources, the most important of which will be the Expedition cases. The Expedition level determines the quality and quantity of Mission Data obtained.

Echocalypse codes - gems, gold, chests, fragments, and other in-game rewards

Tip #5: Use promo codes

The developers of Echocalypse have been able to provide their players with a variety of freebies that can be obtained by entering a Echocalypse code for December 2023. The rewards from these codes include a variety of items such as gems or premium currency; they are presented to users by developers as a token of appreciation in honor of significant occasions or milestones.

These codes can occasionally be redeemed for SSR heroes. Iridimorphite and heroic skins, Electric currency, or Iridimorphite The deals for this month will expire at the end of the calendar month. Furthermore, as a result of resets, certain codes will expire.