FPS Chess codes for April 2024 – free coins

Last Updated on 10.04.2024

Redeemable codes are a novel gaming feature of FPS Chess, a Roblox game created by FPS Chess. With the ability to grant free in-game items, cash, and boosts to improve your gaming experience, these codes are essential to the game’s progression system.

These Roblox FPS Chess codes for April 2024 expire after a set amount of time, so use them before then. As such, you should make an effort to use them as soon as possible. These codes not only let you progress in the game but also prevent you from using hard-earned real money to make in-game purchases that are simply virtual.

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New FPS Chess codes

  • NEWUPDATE—50 Coins
  • 1MILVISITS— 100 Coins
  • WESORRY— 50 Coins

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to redeem codes in Roblox FPS Chess?

To redeem codes in FPS Chess, follow the guidelines provided below.

  • Open Roblox’s FPS Chess game.
  • The Enter Code Here! text box will appear after you click the Codes button.
  • In the Enter Code Here text field, type functional codes.
  • Select the Redeem code option to obtain your complimentary incentive.

How to obtain extra codes for Roblox FPS Chess?

Since the game is still in beta, the creators may provide more codes to fix any flaws or glitches that prevent the game from functioning. The official FPS Chess discord channel is the best way to obtain all new codes, but you can also follow this post to receive updates as they become available.

Roblox FPS Chess: What is it?

An in-development chess-shooter hybrid is called FPS Chess. The opposite team’s chess pieces cannot be captured in the usual manner. Rather, you engage in a one-on-one combat using various weapons and skills based on the piece that is attacking or being attacked. Regardless of the actual chess rules, if you lose, the opposing player will take your piece. For those who wish to add some spice, there is also a 2v2 mode.