Free Anime Infinity Simulator codes for April 2024

Last Updated on 10.04.2024

In the Roblox Free Anime Infinity Simulator, simply tap to accumulate energy, unveil Stars to encounter Pets, and conquer adversaries to amass resources. Advance through levels to unlock Auras, Stands, formidable weaponry, and various enhancements. Utilize Gems for acquiring upgrades, enhancing your overall gaming experience. This game seamlessly blends the adrenaline of battle with the anticipation of leveling up and discovering fresh abilities.

Unlocking codes in Free Anime Infinity Simulator grants energy and potions. Energy amplifies the damage inflicted on enemies, while potions provide temporary boosts, elevating your coins, damage, energy, and luck for a limited duration.

We’ve thoroughly searched the internet to compile the most recent codes for Roblox Free Anime Infinity Simulator, guaranteeing that you stay ahead with our updated list of functional codes to acquire energy and potions!

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New Free Anime Infinity Simulator codes

  • Update13 – use this code for free rewards (NEW)
  • Guild – use this code for free rewards (NEW)
  • 8000FAV – use this code for free rewards (NEW)
  • Update12– free rewards
  • Hunter– free rewards
  • 7000LIKES– free rewards
  • Sins – free rewards
  • 8000FAV – free rewards
  • Update11 – free rewards
  • Update10 – free rewards
  • Slime – free rewards
  • 7500FAV – free rewards
  • 7000FAV – 1000 Gems, 2 Gems Potions, 2 Gems Luck Potions
  • Update9 – 10 Energy Potions VII, 10 Coins Potions VII, 10 Damage Potions VII, 10 Drop Potions VII
  • Ghoul – 1 Ghoul Token
  • Update8 – free rewards
  • Psycho – free rewards
  • 6500FAV – free rewards
  • Update7 – free rewards
  • 6000FAV – free rewards
  • Hero – free rewards
  • 5000LIKES – free rewards
  • Update6—- 5 of all Potions
  • 5500FAV—- 500 Gems and Potions
  • Silver—- free Potions
  • RAIDS2— Luck Potion III, Energy Potion II
  • GRIMOIRES— Luck Potion III, Energy Potion II 
  • RAIDS— Luck Potion III, Energy Potion II 
  • 5000FAV— Luck Potion III, Energy Potion II
  • Update5— Luck Potion III, Energy Potion II
  • BloodWolf – free rewards
  • 500K – free rewards
  • 5KMembers – free rewards
  • Update4 – free rewards
  • 1M – free rewards
  • Nzlegend12345 – free rewards
  • LuckyProton? – free rewards
  • 4000FAV – free rewards
  • 3000FAV – free rewards
  • Update3.5 – free rewards
  • Potions2 – free rewards
  • 3000Likes – free rewards
  • 2000FAV – 2 Coins Potion IV, 2 Damage Potion IV, 2 Gems Luck Potions
  • 1000Likes – 35 Gems, Energy Potion III, Coins Potion III, Damage Potion III, Luck Potion III, Drop Potion III
  • 250KVisits – 100 Gems, Energy Potion III, Damage Potion III, Luck Potion III
  • 7000Players – Energy Potion IV, Luck Potion IV
  • 1500FAV – Coins Potion IV, Damage Potion IV
  • 1500Likes – Energy Potion IV, Drop Potion IV
  • Weekend – 50 Gems, 1 Stand Token
  • 500FAV – free rewards
  • NewPlayer – free rewards
  • Likes500 – free rewards
  • Update2 – free rewards
  • 300FAV – free rewards
  • SomeFix – x1 Energy Potion III
  • SowwyForShutdown3 – x1 Energy Potion III
  • SowwyForShutdown2 – x1 Coins Potion III
  • SowwyForShutdown – x1 Damage Potion III
  • Potions – x1 Luck Potion III, x1 Coins Potion II, and x1 Energy Potion II
  • Update1 – +2,000 Energy
  • RELEASE – +250 Energy

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to use codes?

To utilize codes in Roblox Free Anime Infinity Simulator, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Navigate to the ABX Codes button situated on the left side of the screen, positioned below Index and to the left of Settings.
  2. Input a valid code into the designated text box and click on Claim!
  3. If the code remains active, you’ll receive your complimentary rewards instantly.

How to find more codes?

For additional codes, join the Roblox Group and their Discord channel to stay informed about the latest news, updates, and codes for the game. Alternatively, revisit this page regularly, as we will consistently update it with the most recent freebies.