Free Fire Tips and Tricks: A Beginner’s and Professional’s Guide

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Knowing some basic and advanced Free Fire tips and tricks is an important aspect of becoming a pro at this game. In addition to the firefights in Free Fire, a solid strategy will allow you to get far ahead of your opponents.

With more than 1 billion+ downloads on Google Play Store, Free Fire was one of the popular destinations during the quarantine period, and players all over the world were trying to advance their careers.

With that in mind, we present you the best tips for beginners and advanced players to help you become a Free Fire pro without wasting countless hours on the game. We also advise you to see Free Fire codes for April 2024 that will help you get different bonuses.

Garena Free Fire: A basic beginner's guide

#1: Never loot in the open

Every Free Fire player should be wary of looting in the open. Enemies can easily catch you by surprise while you’re busy looting crates.

Therefore, to avoid becoming an easy target, constantly move your counterpart to the side while looting. Using this strategy, enemies won’t be able to target you.

#2: Controls

There are several videos on the popular YouTube video platform recommending that players switch to more comfortable controls.

However, when playing Free Fire, it’s best to use a thumb layout, as there are no complicated in-game mechanisms in the game. You will be able to quickly adapt to the controls in Free Fire, unlike in PUBG Mobile.

#3: Better Sighting Accuracy

If you have a weak scope, it is recommended that you use the default aiming accuracy, with or without a scope.

In turn, you will hit your head more often, and the crosshairs will automatically move to the target. The stages of the automatic headshot are as follows: crouch, aim, approach, crouch and shoot.

This feature is somewhat similar to the aim assist feature in PUBG Mobile.

#4: Settings and Sensitivity

The reaction time in Free Fire is completely dependent on the sensitivity settings. That’s why it’s important to find out what sensitivity settings match your play style. Copying someone else’s settings can lead to a lot of trouble.

Adjust the sensitivity settings to match your device. On low-powered devices with 2 GB of RAM, the sensitivity should be set to maximum, otherwise play with the default sensitivity.

#5: Never Shoot Unnecessarily with a Jump Shot

Many Free Fire players often misuse the jump-shot.

To come out on top when using a jump-shot, your jump-shot must be well-timed. It is important to note that this fancy move can completely ruin your aiming. So before you use it in ranked mode, go to custom rooms and practice until you get the right result.

#6: Take battles in the squeeze zone

80% of Free Fire players get nervous when a squeeze zone is nearby, even if it’s an initial one, and immediately quit the fight halfway through.

We advise you to take battles when you have the advantage, or retreat immediately. Give preference to zones only in the end circles that do a lot of damage to players.

#7: Sniping improves your aiming

Another way to get better at Free Fire is to learn how to shoot.

A sniper must destroy opponents at a distance without engaging in close-quarters combat, in which there is a high risk of losing a teammate.

One-shot, one-kill weapons are difficult to handle, and it takes a lot of practice to master them. You should play in single player mode, get a sniper with the right attachments, and start practicing every day.