Hospital Tycoon codes (May 2024) – cash and boosts

Last Updated on 16.05.2024

Recently, redeemable in-game codes for the frequently played Roblox game Hospital Tycoon were made available. We’ve got your back in this situation. Discover what Hospital Tycoon has in store for you this month by taking a look.

Tycoon Empire Studios created the city game Hospital Tycoon as an exclusive for Roblox. You’ll need to design your own hospital, open up additional rooms and amenities, interact with patients, and play with your pals here. You can increase the size of your facility by adding more products and making more money. Until your hospital reaches its potential, keep expanding.

Numerous valid Roblox Hospital Tycoon codes for May 2024 offer a variety of special freebies and advantages. If you have more of these things, you’ll be more helpful and influential in the game.

See if you can move up the leaderboards and establish yourself as a game pro by following the complete tutorial step by step and making the most of these freebies as soon as you can.

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New Hospital Tycoon codes

  • WORKER – Double Cash Boost
  • GENERATOR – 5 Minutes of Double Cash Boost
  • NPC – 10 Minutes of Double Cash Boost
  • LOOTER – 2 Free Loot Boxes
  • LUCKY – Double Cash Boost
  • BOUNCY – Double Jump Power
  • HEALTH – Double Health
  • POWER – Double Damage
  • Speedy – 2x Speed for 5 minutes

New Hospital Tycoon codes

Expired codes

  • 350K
  • 250K
  • PET
  • 150K
  • 100K
  • 10K
  • 5K
  • 1K

How do I use my Hospital Tycoon codes?

Following these simple instructions will allow you to redeem codes for May 2024 in Roblox Hospital Tycoon:

  • Open Roblox Hospital Tycoon on your computer or smartphone.
  • Tap on the Green Present button.
  • Copy a code from our list.
  • Put it in the “…” textbox.
  • Click the Redeem button to get your gift for free!

How to find more Hospital Tycoon codes?

By clicking CTRL + D, you may save this page and return to it frequently to acquire the most recent Hospital Tycoon codes.

Alternately, you can follow Tycoon Empire Studios on Twitter and sign up for its Discord server.

Hospital Tycoon: What Is It?

In Hospital Tycoon, you build a hospital from scratch, piece by piece. Before purchasing more and more supplies a hospital requires, box drugs to generate money. While progress is initially slow, before long you’ll be flush with cash and building the best hospital you can!