Hunter X Anomaly codes for April 2024 – boosts

Last Updated on 20.04.2024

In Hunter X Anomaly, you’ll find an exciting world of nine islands inhabited by powerful warrior clans. Control your character, train, overcome challenges and unlock new islands using unique codes to gain valuable rewards.

Your character gets stronger by running, doing push-ups, climbing walls and meditating. These exercises increase your stats, unlocking new levels and bringing you closer to the pinnacle of skill. Get ready for PVP battles where your experience will be severely tested, and capturing other clans’ territories will give you passive increases in your stats.

Join guilds for cooperative adventures and engage in epic battles for valuable rewards. Your skills and strength will be tested in battles that will be the key to more powerful loot. Show off your skills as you battle enemies and conquer territories in Hunter X Anomaly!

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New Hunter X Anomaly codes

  • AlmostUpdate7.5—All Rerolls (New)
  • Pushing30s— Rerolls (works only on new servers) (New)
  • FixedInfParry— All Rerolls
  • SORRYFORSD— All Rerolls
  • BugFix5—All Rerolls
  • KiteCodeRemade – Hatsu Reroll
  • ThanksChief – AllType
  • Update7 – Nen Color Reroll
  • Crazyslots – Potential Reroll
  • 1Milvisits – Clan Reroll
  • Kite – Clan Reroll
  • HalfOfUpdate7ComingSoonSORRY – AllType
  • Update7Almost – Potential Reroll
  • SorryForTheEXADMINV2 – free rewards
  • MeganCheese—Reroll
  • SoSorry – use this code for Clan Reroll
  • 700KLIKES – use this code for Hatsu Reroll
  • Rage – use this code for Clan Reroll
  • Zeno – use this code for Clan Reroll
  • Hunt – use this code for Potential Reroll
  • Dragons – use this code for Potential Reroll
  • Tails!— Clan Reroll
  • Mounts?!— Clan Reroll
  • Update6!— Potential Reroll
  • Antking!— Potential Reroll
  • Ant!— Hatsu Reroll
  • FameIsOutNow – Clan Reroll
  • RevertedStats – Clan Reroll
  • SorryForTheWait – Potential Reroll
  • HereAsOurSorry – Hatsu Reroll
  • TYFOR1K— Nen clan Reroll
  • Rage!— Clan Reroll
  • Zeno!— Clan Reroll
  • Hunt!— Natural Potentia
  • Dragons!— Natural Potential
  • Update5!— Natural Potential
  • 700KLIKES!— Hatsu Reroll
  • 600KLIKES!— Hatsu Reroll
  • 500KLIKES!— Hatsu Reroll
  • 500KVISITS! – free rewards
  • 600KVISITS! – free rewards
  • 900Likes! – free rewards
  • 1kLikes! – free rewards
  • Update5! – free rewards
  • Dragon! – free rewards
  • VampKingMv! – Clan Reroll
  • NenKillerDropped! – Money
  • FlameReworked! – Hatsu
  • SorryForTheDelay! – Potential
  • LysolStinks! – Hatsu
  • ChieflsAwesome! – Money
  • RerollMyAuraPlz! – AuraReroll
  • GodSpeedMode!—Clan Reroll
  • Godspeed!— Hatsu Reroll
  • FlameReworkNow!— Hatsu Reroll
  • NenKillerDelay!— Clan Reroll
  • BakanaSaveUs!— Natural Potential
  • CyrusckHater!— 10k Money
  • IHateCyrusck!— Nen Color
  • NoMoreCYRUSCK!— Nen Color
  • 200KVISITS— Hatsu Reroll
  • 300KVISITS— Hatsu Reroll
  • 600LIKES— Clan Reroll
  • 700LIKES— Clan Reroll
  • GoodLuckOnHatsu!— Hatsu Reroll
  • ThanksLysolForHelping!— Hatsu Reroll
  • MajorBugFix!— Natural Potential
  • SorryForTheBugs!— Natural Potential
  • MvTheGoat!— Clan
  • ChiefSmells!— Clan
  • BugFixes2!— Hatsu Reroll
  • BugFixes1!— Hatsu Reroll
  • Update3!— Hatsu Reroll
  • NewIsland!— Natural Potential
  • 3kJoins!— Hazama Clan
  • NewJobs!— Free Jen
  • Water!— Hatsu Reroll
  • Buddha!— Hatsu Reroll
  • 200Likes!— Hazama Clan
  • UPDATE2!— 6 Potential
  • Smoke!— Hatsu Reroll
  • BlueFlames!— Hatsu Reroll
  • SorryForBugs!— 70k Jen

Expired codes

  • There are no expired codes at the moment.

How to redeem Hunter X Anomaly codes?

When you’re ready to use the code in the game, follow these steps:

  • Launch Roblox Hunter X Anomaly on your device.
  • On the screen’s right side, click the Settings button.
  • To access the Enter Code Here text field, click the Codes button.
  • Put functional codes into the text field labeled “Code Here…”
  • Select the “Submit” button to get your complimentary gift.

So that’s everything for codes in this Hunter X Anomaly wiki. Please keep in mind that each code in Hunter X Anomaly can only be redeemed once. It will not work if you try to redeem it again after you have already claimed the prizes.

How can I obtain more Hunter X Anomaly codes?

Hunter X Anomaly developers post new codes for April 2024 to their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, Trello, and Reddit. You can obtain these codes by routinely visiting their social media handles. Don’t overlook the opportunity to explore the official Roblox group, where fresh codes eagerly await your discovery.

Enter the battle, raise your clan to the heights of glory and become a true legendary hunter in the world of Hunter X Anomaly!