Eternal Nen codes for February 2024 – free rewards

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Explore the difficult levels of Eternal Nen, a game that reflects the complex power structures and daring nature of the well-known manga and anime series, Hunter x Hunter. This intense game, created by Eternal Nen developers, allows players to go through a variety of islands, each offering their own challenges and chances to gather memories and refine magical skills. Every move matters since there is a real risk of irreversible data loss, which forces participants to carefully consider their options as they pursue the greatest power.

Codes in Eternal Nen might transform your character thanks to a range of different rerolls! These consist of elements that will assist you advance in the game, such as your clan and nen color.

We’ve compiled a list of all the Roblox Eternal Nen codes for February 2024 that are now active and can grant you free spins for a range of alternatives!

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Latest Eternal Nen codes

  • FyeUpdate – a Hatsu reroll (NEW)
  • Update0.4 – a Clan Reroll (NEW)
  • 3500Likes – a Clan Reroll (NEW)
  • MBForShutdown – Hatsu reroll
  • 3500LikesLY – Clan Reroll
  • CodeForApologize – a Hatsu Reroll
  • ApologiesAgain – a Clan Reroll
  • SorryForManyShutdowns – a Hatsu Reroll
  • Update03 – a Clan Reroll
  • HollowPurple – a Hatsu Reroll
  • FoldedInHalf – a Clan Reroll
  • 3000LikesClan – a Clan Reroll
  • UpdateSoon – a Hatsu Reroll
  • EzBalances – a Natural Potential reroll (One and only Natural Potential reroll code ever)
  • GodRework – a Clan Reroll
  • SupersGift – a Clan Reroll
  • 2750LikesNen – a Nen color Reroll
  • ShutdownForFIXClan – Clan reroll
  • 2500LikesClan – a Clan Reroll
  • 2250LikesClan – a Clan reroll
  • UpdateV02 – a Hatsu reroll
  • GonOnTOP – a Clan reroll
  • KilluaOnTOP – a Clan reroll
  • ShutdownSowwy – a Hatsu Reroll (Only if you had or have an Hatsu already)
  • 2000LikesClan –   Clan Reroll
  • 2000LikesCodeNen –   Nen Color Reroll
  • SorryALOT –  Clan Reroll
  • SorryALOTNen – Nen Color Reroll
  • Update01 –  Clan Reroll
  • EzHotfix – Clan Reroll
  • 1750LikesClan –  Clan Reroll
  • 1750LikesCodeNen –  Nen Color Reroll
  • 1500LikesClan –   a Clan Reroll
  • 1500LikesCodeNen –   a Nen Color Reroll
  • 1250LikesClan –  Clan Reroll
  • 1250LikesCodeNen –  Color Reroll
  • 1000LikesClan –  Clan Reroll
  • 1000LikesCodeNen –  Nen Color Reroll
  • 750LikesClan –   Clan Reroll
  • 750LikesCodeNen –   Nen Color Reroll
  • 500LikesClan – a Clan Reroll
  • 500LikesCodeNen – a Nen Color Reroll
  • 250LikesClan2 – a Clan Reroll
  • 250LikesRerolls – a Clan Reroll
  • 250LikesCodeNen – a Nen Color
  • 250LikesNen2 – a Nen Color
  • 100LikesClan – a Clan Reroll
  • 100LikesClan2 – a Clan Reroll
  • 100LikesNen – a Nen Color
  • 100LikesNen2 – a Nen Color
  • 50Likes – a Clan Reroll
  • Bonus50LikesCode – a Nen Color Reroll
  • RELEASE – a Clan Reroll
  • GameIsFye – a Nen Reroll
  • weUP – a Clan Reroll
  • BeHappyChat – a Nen Reroll
  • HunterExamsFinnaBeFye – a Clan Reroll

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to redeem Eternal Nen codes?

All you have to do to redeem a code in Roblox Eternal Nen is do the following:

  • After you launch the game, look for the codes button on the bottom left.
  • Press this icon to display the redemption window.
  • Enter a code in the input field from our list.
  • Click the Submit button to get your prize!

How to get more codes?

Make sure to join the official Eternal Nen Discord server to receive news, updates, and to discuss the game with other players in order to be notified when new codes for February 2024 are released! You can also return to this page to see the most recent freebies since we will be updating it often.