MIR4 codes for May 2024 – in-game rewards

Last Updated on 16.05.2024

MIR4 is a role-playing game in which you play as an Asian warrior navigating a myriad of realistic landscapes. Complete your assigned missions or explore the map at will. There’s always another challenge in this universe, and each adventure is more exciting than the last.

Without a doubt, the 3D graphics in MIR4 are impressive. Thanks to the Unreal Engine, you can enjoy beautiful 3D landscapes with great details and textures. You can even zoom in and rotate the camera by moving your character to get the best vantage point. Of course, you’ll need a powerful Android smartphone if you want to run the game without lag.

Our collection of MIR4 coupon codes for May 2024 is current and includes all of the most recent ones that gamers can use right now. Since the game’s release, it has been in the headlines because it has a cryptocurrency called Draco that can be exchanged for real money.

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Working MIR4 codes

  • MIR4OPEN0826 — 1x Mystic Ring Mir, 10x Rare Advancement Pills, 10x Rare prosperity Pills, 1ox Rare Greed Pills, 10x Vigor pills.

Working MIR4 codes

Expired codes

  • MIR40PEN0825
  • MIR40PEN0824
  • MIR40PEN0823
  • MIR40PEN0822
  • MIR40PEN0821
  • MIR40PEN0820

How to use codes for MIR4?

  • Open MIR4 first on your device.
  • Open the settings and look for the coupon code option. Click it, type in the code for May 2024, and then select Redeem Code to continue.

How to get the MIR4 coupon code?

Unlike other sources, we don’t list fake or incorrect codes on our website. Before disseminating random codes, we researched the topic, but we were unable to find any trustworthy or respectable sites that had working or legitimate codes.

Since the game was just released, many players who have played MIR4 on portable devices and computers are having trouble locating the most recent and functional codes. If you’re one of them, take into account the advice below:

  • You may follow the developers on the Official Site, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord.
  • Please return to this page sometimes so that we can inform you of new coupons as they become available.

When it comes to MIR4 coupon codes for May 2024, nothing could be simpler.

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