State of Survival codes to redeem (March 2023) – free resources, boosters, biocaps and speedups

State of Survival codes to redeem – gas, wood, food and speedups

Last Updated on 20.03.2023 by Sergei Belov

State of Survival is a mobile game for iOS and Android in which you have to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Infection has destroyed all the trappings of past civilizations, so you have to rebuild yours from scratch. Save survivors, mine resources, collect items and fight zombies. Well if the mobile game State of Survival has resources, development and building shelters, then it is easy to understand that you will have to grind a lot or just pay to play successfully and interestingly.

And here to help come promo codes from the developers, with which you can make your life a little easier without spending on State of Survival your money.

There aren’t many State of Survival gift codes that work at the moment. New codes appear regularly, most often on holidays and in connection with new in-game events, so rest assured that there will be many more in the future. Stay tuned, because we’ll let you know as soon as something new appears!

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The following State of Survival gift codes for March 2023 will help you get free resources, boosters, biocaps, and many other useful items to help you get stronger. If you are new to State of Survival, don’t forget to read the game guide as well.

New State of Survival codes

Valid codes for March 2023:

  • PCVersionXMar (PC only)
  • FollowiGGlobal
  • sos5off 
  • PCVERSION2023  
  • Behemothsos1 
  • happynewyearkr2023s 
  • break1 
  • wegothedistance 
  • 2023START 
  • loveChareyna 
  • 1028GLHF 
  • kuchentvsos – Biocaps + RSS (Rewards available only for new players)
  • SOSNiko (Rewards available only for new players)
  • darylsos (Rewards available only for new players)
  • sos1234 (Rewards available only for new players)

State of Survival codes

Expired codes

  • MerrySOS
  • ProjectDominion1205
  • reservoirleague1119
  • sosholidaykms
  • merrychristmassos
  • Holidayfun
  • lovekira
  • Devsos1
  • Devsos
  • Happy2023Survivors
  • Behemoth1023
  • ThanksAllSurvivors
  • AnniversaryFest1004
  • thefriendstories
  • AnniversarySoS
  • SE4637B3AE1B
  • tukimi909
  • HappyAnniversary
  • MMsos4
  • Anniversary2days
  • 3days
  • bannka831
  • assignmentsos8
  • Maddiefrank2022
  • zenyasai
  • SoSSummerFun
  • ForeverTrident
  • SOS8888
  • 3wm1047
  • sosdevfeedback777
  • 5JyoTaisaMtaineer
  • 3YearsSoS
  • Happy3Years
  • AnniversaryEvent
  • StoneGarden14
  • Happyweekend0724
  • MakeUpOnesMind25
  • devfeedback0718
  • AdhaMubarak2022
  • Sence712
  • ZdangoBR5okI
  • UenoZooBackOwahu
  • shavedIce75
  • thankyouallsurvivors
  • Congratschampions
  • Congratschampions202
  • JP7000fowithu
  • FunPlusSOS2022
  • Happy1000State
  • meetsurvivorlillith
  • SavechildrenSOS
  • 30mayholidays
  • TheAdvancedGuard
  • TheRemnants
  • Letsdancesos
  • Sosqaformay
  • PetDay
  • AKB48
  • 202205withyou
  • ilovesos1
  • sos202205withyou
  • SoSEarthDay22
  • eastereggs
  • holidayapril30s
  • 331next
  • 329duck
  • Spring322
  • flyhighmeriamxirhaa
  • 324Drives
  • hinamatsuri0303
  • treasure2022
  • lucky2022
  • Nanami2022
  • anzu0301
  • NyanNyanNyan222
  • happy23rd
  • 224MoonLightMask
  • loveVSzombie
  • Kobeko1207

Where to enter State of Survival codes

Where to enter State of Survival codes?

  • Click on your avatar (it is in the top left corner of the screen)
  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Gift Redemption
  • Enter your code in the redemption box and click on Redeem.
  • Check your email for the code to work.

What is State of Survival codes?

The State of Survival codes for March 2023 provide you with free goodies, courtesy of FunPlus, to ease your fight for survival.