Pixel Gun 3D codes for April 2024 – weapons and coins

Last Updated on 09.04.2024

In this article, we have compiled a list of current Pixel Gun 3D codes for April 2024. Thanks to this list of codes, you can get a lot of rewards and totally free unlockable items that will help you advance in the game. Pixel Gun 3D is an action game. It is developed by Cubic Games and released for Android and iOS devices in May 2013.

In this shooter game, you can choose single-player or multiplayer. In “Single-player” your main target will be skeletons and zombies. In “multiplayer” you fight real enemies. The goal is simple: Kill your opponents before they kill you.

Like many other big shooter games, the controls in this game are a bit complicated. To move your avatar forward and backward, use the virtual thumb stick on the left side of the game screen. To adjust the avatar’s viewpoint, use the right thumb stick. There are several buttons on the screen for selecting, reloading, and firing weapons, as well as buttons that allow the avatar to jump.

There are so many weapons to play with in Pixel Gun 3D. There are over 800 weapons to choose from. These weapons range from swords to dark matter generators. There are also a variety of gadgets. You can conquer new territories using these weapons and gadgets. By destroying your opponents, you get points of valor and lots of coins.

In this game, you can use the skin editor to create a new skin according to your preferences. In multiplayer mode, you can create your own clan together with your friends. This will help you to raid and destroy your opponents’ clans. After destroying the enemies, your team will be rewarded with many valuable items.

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New Pixel Gun 3D codes

  • df1862f1s – 100 Gems and 300 Coins (Limited) (New)
  • HG1645G10 – 100 Gems and 300 Coins (Limited)
  • okj18gg48 – 100 Gems and 300 Coins (Limited)
  • prop1g97w – 250 Keys, 250 Gems, 300 Pixel Tokens (Limited)
  • Fh197egf1 – 75 Gems and 200 Coins (Limited)
  • TH297GH41 – exclusive rewards (Limited)
  • Hmesh917w – exclusive rewards (Limited)
  • G4QOFNGL – 100 Gems and 200 Coins
  • ND3PIBAD – 100 Gems and 200 Coins
  • SHE05YLV – 200 Gems and 200 Coins
  • REQ8W6F4 – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • MAGICKNUP – 50 Coins, 750 keys, 100 Gems, and 600 Pass Tickets
  • LOVE22 – 50 Gems
  • 9GCD0MQ – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • NKLHVQ1G – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • 6T48RFKF – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • QDGW5DJF – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • AAZGR2KH – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • 6ZC906TG – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • CKDCQSB7 – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • HESOZJ83 – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • VMR270JS – 50 Gems and 50 Coins
  • MAILBOX – 50 coins and 50 gems

The codes published above are taken from public sources. The developers periodically post them on their social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Reddit. By tracking activity, it is possible to update the article as soon as possible. In order not to miss new codes, we recommend adding the page to bookmarks.

New Pixel Gun 3D codes

Expired Pixel Gun 3D codes

As of the most recent check, these Pixel Gun 3D codes were no longer valid.


Pixel Gun 3D codes - how to activate?

Pixel Gun 3D codes – how to activate?

Follow the steps below to extinguish the codes for April 2024:

  • Launch Pixel Gun 3D on your cell phone
  • Tap the “+” sign (in the upper right corner of the home screen, next to the gems icon)
  • Scroll and tap the Activate promo code button.
  • Copy and paste the code from our list into the text area, or enter the code
  • Check your in-game email
  • Enjoy your rewards

Where can you find additional Pixel Gun 3D codes?

Cubic.Games will occasionally issue new codes via their official social media channels, such as Twitter and Discord. Furthermore, they frequently provide codes through content creators with whom they collaborate. During their live streams, these creators will occasionally give away codes for April 2024.

We also recommend bookmarking this page (CTRL+D), as new Pixel Gun 3D codes will be uploaded on a regular basis.