Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond codes – coins and EXP (April 2024)

Last Updated on 20.04.2024

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is a classic pixel-style role-playing game that takes the player into a world of fantasy adventure. According to legend, the Goddess of Light created the sacred continent of Emond, but evil minds are destroying the magical civilization in preparation for the return of the demon king who has been sleeping for thousands of years. Time and space merge in chaos, and you have a strange dream that unlocks forgotten memories. You recall your role in the distant past: you were a brave hero, leading people to light on a war-torn continent. And that hero is you!

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Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond codes

  • THUNDERGALE—Rewards (New)
  • SUNSETBLAZER – rewards
  • APRILFOULS – use this code for free rewards
  • MEETUSONDC – free rewards
  • SHADOWHUNTER – free rewards
  • RADIANTSTORM – free rewards
  • PIXEL3650 – free rewards
  • PIXELGIFT – free rewards
  • PIXEL2024 – free rewards
  • EACHWEEK—1 Flower of Elst, 1k Friendship Points, and 3 Lunar Astrolable Stones
  • THANKYOUALL – Flower of Elst, 1,000 Friendship Points, and 3x Lunar Astrolable Stone
  • THANKYOUALL1 – Flower of Elst, 1,000 Friendship Points, and a Covenant of Light
  • ENTEREMOND – 200,000 Coins, 100,000 EXP, 100 Boundary Stones, and a Covenant of Light

Expired codes

  • There are not any expired codes available at this time.

How to redeem codes?

Observe these rules when you’re ready to enter the code into the game:

  • Launch Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond on your device.
  • Complete the extensive tutorial first.
  • Next, tap the Profile icon located in the top left corner.
  • Then, select the Code button positioned at the bottom right.
  • Enter the codes provided above into the designated text input field.
  • Finally, tap the Claim button to instantly receive your in-game rewards.

If your code doesn’t function, double-check that you typed it correctly by checking your spelling. Then, make sure that you capitalized it appropriately and didn’t add any incorrect spaces or punctuation. It’s possible that the code you’re attempting to use is invalid if it still doesn’t work.

How to find fresh codes?

Social media sites like Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit and YouTube are among the places where HaoPlay Limited developers post the updated codes. The common way that developers share new codes is through forums or social media. So this is the best way to get new codes. When significant game achievements, well-known occasions, and collaborations occur, HaoPlay Limited typically releases gift codes. As soon as any additional activation codes are released, we will update this list of promo codes. This page is bookmarkable, so often return to see the latest Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond codes. You should also check out our Pixel Heroes tier list.

About game

Immerse yourself in the evocative realm of pixel art through “Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond” an enthralling Japanese-style RPG that seamlessly merges the allure of retro gaming with modern idle mechanics. Embark on a journey where the fate of the Emond Continent hangs in the balance, threatened by the resurgence of a malevolent Demon King. Unravel the mysteries of your heroic past as you venture forth, discovering that the destiny of a war-torn world lies squarely upon your shoulders.

This game delivers an accessible gaming experience, blending straightforward gameplay with bountiful rewards and a plethora of content. Character progression and resource accumulation persist even when offline, requiring minimal active engagement. Casual players will relish the freedom from micromanagement, while seasoned gamers will find ample strategic depth to keep them enthralled.

Combat mechanics in the game introduce an innovative hybrid system, combining elements of semi-turn-based and semi-real-time action. Automated battle controls ease newcomers into the fray without compromising on strategic intricacy.

The visual aesthetic is captivating, blending nostalgic pixel art with anime-inspired 2D illustrations, complete with Live2D animations during story sequences. This fusion of styles evokes a sense of nostalgia while delivering a visually stunning experience.

Beyond its visual allure, the RPG boasts a rich narrative, elevated by talented voice acting that enhances character development and the overarching storyline. For competitive spirits, a myriad of challenges awaits: form guilds, engage in cross-server battles, tackle formidable bosses, and climb the honor rankings, fostering connections with players worldwide.

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