Pixel Heroes Tier List (April 2024) – best characters to add to your party

Last Updated on 19.04.2024

Hi friends, today I’m going to tell you how to choose the best heroes for your team in our favorite game Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond. If you, like me, are faced with the fact that your collection of heroes has started to grow, but you are not sure who to use on the battlefield, then you have come to the right place! Meet the Pixel Heroes tier list!

Before we begin, let’s clarify what a tier list is. It’s a list of heroes categorized by levels or “tiers”, from the strongest to the weakest. And that’s exactly what we need to figure out which of our heroes is worthy of being the main man of the battle!

Each of you has probably faced a situation where you got a ton of cool characters, but didn’t know if you should use them on the battlefield. That’s where our Pixel Heroes tier list comes to the rescue! Thanks to it, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about which heroes best suit your strategy and play style.

But don’t forget that every hero in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond has its own unique abilities and characteristics, and some of them may suit your play style. So feel free to experiment and create a team that will work perfectly in your hands!

Pixel Heroes Tier List

Also, don’t forget about the useful reward codes that are available in the game. They can help you get additional resources and improve your heroes to make them even more effective on the battlefield.

S Tier

  • Floriya Melissa
  • Camarilla Bloodline Toreador
  • Goddess of War Valkyrie
  • Psychopomp Charon
  • God of Time Cronos

A Tier

  • Lost Torrent Yuna
  • Snowflakes Annelia
  • Lady Justice Themis
  • King of Uruk Gil
  • Shroud Walker Chen
  • Star Guardian Freyja
  • Succubus Adlith Morrigan
  • Goddess of Death Hela

B Tier

  • Acolyte Raphaela
  • Moonborn Hudson
  • Eternal Spear Irelia
  • Green Ranger Caroline
  • Fuzzy Prowler Anata
  • Barbarian Puck
  • Stellar Master Alkaid
  • God of Death Thanatos
  • Dawn Paladin Brigitte
  • Divine Hammer Frostie
  • Divine Dancer Gronru
  • Dragonborn Mona
  • Ent Garret
  • Iron Fist Ryu-Lin
  • Siren Syndra
  • Forest Princess Elena
  • Wings of Wish White Star
  • Blast Bunny Alice

C Tier

  • Bounty Hunter Edha
  • Novice Magician Lilith
  • Glory Excalibur Allande
  • Ice Guardian Ainu
  • Duo Lancer Minos
  • Shaman Abka
  • Whisper of Wind Royelle
  • Phoenix Garuda
  • Silver Hunter Diana
  • Spirit Prophet Zorshan
  • Shepherd’s Dream Sicinina

D Tier

  • Hunter Aivenk
  • Jac Orc
  • Darcy
  • Novice Swordsman Executer
  • Deadeye Jelika

So, my friends, if you want to put together the best of the best teams and conquer the world of Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond, be sure to check out our tier list above and head into battle to reap the rewards of your efforts! Make sure to explore our Survivor.io tier list, our Dragonheir: Silent Gods tier list, and our Whiteout Survival tier list. Good luck on your heroic journey!