Push Simulator codes for April 2024 – potions

Last Updated on 12.04.2024

The goal of the brand-new Roblox game Push Simulator is to gain the strength necessary to defeat other players in a pushing competition. When you’re strong enough, you’ll work out to gain strength before fighting an opponent and attempting to shove them over a platform. Keep in mind that this is risky in real life, so don’t do it at home, kiddies.

Push Simulator features a lot of clicking, like many Roblox games. When using dumbbells, you must click frequently. You must click again when you are battling an opponent and are attempting to push them off a platform. You may always use some Push Simulator codes for April 2024 to your advantage if you need to give your fingers a break. Codes provide stat increases, making character training easier on the hands.

Grab some special perks and challenge your friends with our Roblox Push Simulator codes as we help you push yourself to the maximum.

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New Push Simulator codes

  • SoManyTokens! – free rewards (NEW)
  • UGCDelay – free rewards (NEW)
  • HAPPY900K – free rewards
  • 20MVisits – free rewards
  • 800kMEMBERS – free rewards
  • LotsOfTokens! – free tokens
  • LotsOfSpins! – free spins
  • 700kMEMBERS – 5 Spins & Tokens
  • 600kMEMBERS – free boosts
  • Get5Spins! – five spins
  • MarineWorld – free boosts
  • 400kMEMBERS – free boosts
  • 10MVisits – free boosts
  • 250kMEMBERS – free boosts
  • TurboByte – free boosts
  • Mauo – free boosts
  • Carot – free boosts
  • 2MVisitsO – free boosts
  • 3MVisitsO – free boosts
  • 1MVistsO – free boosts
  • FIRSTUPDATE – free boosts
  • PUSH – potion

Expired codes

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How can I redeem codes for Push Simulator?

Simply follow these easy steps to redeem Push Simulator codes:

  • Open Roblox and launch Push Simulator.
  • Locate and click the shopping cart icon on the screen’s left side.
  • To access the code part, scroll down the menu.
  • Enter a valid code for April 2024 in the textbox marked “Enter Here.”
  • Press redeem.
  • Enjoy the benefits!

How can you get more Push Simulator codes?

Joining the TurboByte Games Roblox Group is a fantastic place to start if you want to advocate for additional Push Simulator codes. You can join the official TurboByte Discord Server, which offers a variety of helpful parts including announcements and codes channels, outside of Roblox.

Push Simulator: What is it?

In the Roblox clicker game Push Simulator, you gain strength before taking on a variety of bosses in pushing challenges. You can move on to other locations and take on stronger bosses by collecting pets, claiming rebirths for long-lasting benefits, and using potions for short-term ones.