Rise Of Eros: [TOP] Tips & Tricks for Newbie & Beginners Players

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Rise of Eros is a relatively new turn-based gacha H-Game on the market. The game has a surprising amount of action and turn-based basic warfare, which you won’t find in many H-games. There are certain criticisms about the game, the most serious of which is that you need a lot of stamina to do battles and event tickets to do special events, and it is quite difficult. So, in order to progress in the game, you will require all the assistance you can obtain; this is why we produced our Rise of Eros hints guide.

Because you’re seeking for Rise of Eros tips, we assume you’ve already played the game and have a good comprehension of it, so we won’t bore you with an introduction. According to the game’s art director, the game employs cutting-edge technology as well as a bespoke shader. As a result, the game’s mood and player investment will improve, and the character’s movement will feel more natural. Memory Mode and Free Mode allow for unparalleled levels of immersion and involvement.

Personas and the Rise of Eros

This section will go over all the Rise of Eros Personas tips you should be aware of. Personas are the heroes you send into combat. You will only have Mechas in your squad at first, but once you have girls, the Mechas are the worst choice you can make for your squad. It makes no difference if your heroines aren’t the most heroic. You must include them in your squad because they will outperform any Mechas you may get.

Personas (Heroes) have level caps that are determined by your account level. After reaching level 20, you will be able to pass this cap by transcending. The item required to transcend must be purchased from the daily shop; missions that claim to drop these materials do not. So, if you’re just starting off, attempt to get them from the shop on a daily basis. Keep in mind that leveling your Mecha personas is a bad idea.

Evolving Personas

Then you can choose to evolve your identities. You can raise the rarity of personas by evolving them, and this will increase the stats of the personas. R is the lowest persona you will have, and you can evolve them all the way to UR.

Each persona rank will have a “+” next to it, and clicking on it will allow you to awaken the personalities. You will require inscriptions, sometimes known as dupes, to complete the awakening. Each degree of awakening will increase your stats and allow you to strengthen your Persona’s abilities. You can complete this process with the SRs you receive.

Rise of Eros: Best Tips and Tricks

Tips on Gearing Your Personas

Picking Gears

These Rise of Eros tips are evident if you are not new to mobile gaming, but they are aimed for new players because H-games draw gamers from all genres. So, the first thing you should know when choosing gear is that higher tier level gear will always give you greater stats; similarly, SR gear is always better than R gear.

Every piece of equipment has bonus and base stats; when you receive the same type of equipment, you simply compare their bonus stats and choose the one with the superior bonus stats. When it comes to DPS heroes, you can usually disregard gear with defensive bonus stats in favor of gear with crit, crit bonus, or anything else that enhances damage.


Relics are items that you can equip with your personalities. When equipped, these relics provide an elemental and stat boost to your squad. One of the most important Rise of Eros hints is to adjust the relics according to the stage.

When choosing a stage, look for the stage reward in the upper right corner of the tab. You must equip relics that match it or are not vulnerable to it. For example, if it’s water, you won’t be able to use fire relics.

You will need other relics to level up the relics, as opposed to gear. When you utilize them, you get a certain amount of XP from each relic; for example, R relics give 150 XP; if the relic you’re leveling requires 1500 XP, you’ll need ten R relics to upgrade it; SR relics yield 700 XP and may be upgraded with tow.

All relics will have a 15 level cap; to reach the maximum (30), you will require dupes. Each duplicate raises the level cap by three levels. Rise of Eros relic leveling recommendations include focusing on leveling R relics initially because they are the simplest to level. This method is preferable because you must level up relics for the other identities as well, making it easy to advance.

Not only that, but there isn’t much of a difference between a maxed-up R relic and an SR relic, so it’s best to start with R relics and then move on to SRs once you’ve equipped all of your personalities with maxed-up R relics.

Set Bonus

The gears in Rise of Eros are all from various sets, and when you put two, four, or six gears from the same set on, you get a set bounce. For example, wearing two pieces of the crit boons set will grant you 4% crit bounce. You’ll gain an 8% crit bounce if you wear all four parts of the set. You’ll earn set bounce based on how many parts of the set you wear this manner. However, you are not always need to use the complete set bounce. If you have three pieces, choose the two with the highest bounce and move on to the other sets.

Rise of Eros codes – free summon tickets, dream crystals, and more

 Rise of Eros Redeem Codes

Rise of Eros, like the other games, is highly reliant on the premium currency Dream Crystal. You’ll need them to gain the greatest heroes, gear, and other items, and if you want to reroll to get the best heroes, utilize Rise of Eros Redeem Codes for April 2024. We created a Rise of Eros Redeem Code guide that is always up-to-date so that you can simply discover them.

Avoid the Tank

There will be fights when you will have to combat well-armed tanks on the opposing squad. If you don’t utilize auto-battle, you’ll see that they deal the least amount of damage, but it takes a long time to get rid of them. When you encounter this type of unit, switch from auto-battle to manual mode and prioritize destroying the DPS unit. After that, you can reactivate auto-battle and let the game handle the rest.

As a result, we have provided you with numerous key Rise of Eros hints to assist you in playing the game more smoothly and effectively. It is now up to you to use them correctly and complete the game. This guide is now complete; thank you for reading. We wish you all the best.