Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice – Useful Information for Beginners

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Not so long ago, a new mobile RPG game in the Saint Seiya franchise was introduced – Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice. There is also Saint Seiya: Awakening, which is more reminiscent of a full-fledged RPG, such as King’s Raid or Epic Seven. Legend of Justice is more similar to AFK Arena, as it puts a lot of emphasis on automation of battles and the entire gameplay process.

However, like any other idle-RPG, Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice has a number of features and systems that are worth knowing for effective progression in the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at these aspects of the game and find out how to speed up your progress in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice. Let’s get started!

Combat system

Just like in AFK Arena, the combat system in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is fairly easy, and any player can handle it.

During combat, your characters will automatically approach enemies and attack them until the enemy is destroyed. During the battle all the characters of your team will constantly increase their Fury stats. As soon as the fury stats are maxed out, you can use special skills. They are very powerful and can change the course of the battle in your favor at any moment.

To do this, we recommend a competent approach to the selection of characters and the formation of teams, taking into account the peculiarities of each of them.

The system of elements
There is one important aspect in the game that you should consider. In Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice, when creating teams, you should pay attention to the elements of the characters.

Each character in the game is associated with a certain element. Among them there are water, fire, wind, earth, light or darkness. These elements can give you an advantage or conversely weaken your defense. Each element is stronger against one and weaker against the other. Heroes will deal an extra 25% damage to the enemy and take 25% extra damage from them respectively. This is how the mechanics of the elements in the game work.

Interaction between the elements in the game:

  • Water trumps Fire.
  • Fire trumps Wind
  • Wind trumps Earth
  • Earth trumps Water.
  • Light and Dark deal additional damage to each other, but do not interact with other elements.

In addition to these interactions, you can also activate additional enhancing effects through certain combinations of elements:

  • 3 Knights of one element: Increase attack and health by 10%.
  • 3 Knights of One Element and 2 Knights of Another Element: Increase attack and health by 15%.
  • 4 Knight of One Element: Increase attack by 15% and health by 20%.
  • 5 Knights of Various Elements: Increase attack and health by 20%.
  • 5 Knights of One Element: Increase attack and health by 25%.

We would like to clarify that Light and Dark elements can be used in any of the above combinations, except for the penultimate one. In a team, there can be a maximum of 1 hero with the Light element and 1 hero with the Dark element.

Expand your team

Since the game is based on the Saint Seiya franchise, you’ll find familiar characters in the game, from the low-ranked Bronze Knights to the mighty Golden Knights. The only character who excels in the game is the Goddess Athena.

You can unlock all the characters using the summoning system, which is located in the Observatory building. You will need 300 diamonds for a summon or 2,700 diamonds for a 10x summon. This way you save money and get one draft for free. The chances of getting the best characters in the game are pretty low. For example, the odds of getting 2-star and 3-star heroes is 47.6% per draft, and the odds of getting 5-star heroes is 4.80%.

Fortunately, players can get access to free summonses already in the early stages of the game. This will allow you to perform a roll in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice without any problems.

Reroll in the game

Just like in any other idle-RPG, most of your success will depend on luck. Having strong characters on your team will greatly help you in the early stages of the game. Since the chances of getting 5-star characters are slim, it will take you a long time to get such a hero on your team. Fortunately, you can increase your chances with a roll. This is a standard process for all games with gacha elements.

In a nutshell, a reroll is the process by which players get the characters they want. Players start a new game, use free summonses, and restart it if they don’t get the characters they want. This process is repeated until there are good characters on the team. In Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice, this process is no different from other games. We recommend performing a roll to get some strong characters already at the start of the game.

Check out our article where we explained in detail how to perform a roll in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice.

Upgrade your best characters

Once you have a few powerful characters, you’ll notice that they’re pretty weak, despite their rarity and stellar rank. Even the best knights at level 1 will have weak characteristics. You don’t have to worry, because it’s quite easy to upgrade your characters in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice. It can be done in a couple of clicks.

The main ways to improve your characters at the beginning of the game are to pump and to buy the accessories. The first method will require you to get knight experience points and gold coins. With these resources, you will increase your character’s level and characteristics. However, you can only pump them up to a certain level. After that, you will need special stones to develop their maximum potential. The second method involves buying special accessories, which give passive skills and improve the hero’s characteristics.

So don’t forget to buy accessories in the game to speed up the leveling process. However, you can always reset your character to level 1 and get back all spent resources and items. This is completely free of charge if your character is below level 70. After that level, you will need special resources to reset.

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