Tears of Themis Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Tears of Themis combines visual novel mechanics with gacha and RPG elements. In addition to detective investigations and character interviews, you’ll have to unlock cards, create effective decks, and defeat your opponents in debates.

But how do you become the strongest detective and pass the whole story without problems? How do you get the most powerful cards in your deck at the beginning of the game? In this guide, we will give you 5 unique tips, using which you will easily reach the highest level and beat all opponents in verbal battles!

A Beginner's Guide to Tears of Themis

Focus on the story

As soon as players get their hands on resources, they immediately start spending them on pumping cards. This is a big mistake. As a rule, the first levels of Tears of Themis are passed without any problems: you’ll listen to the story, get into what’s happening in the town of Stellis and understand what’s required of you. At the same time you’ll pass a few easy battles, learn the methods of boosting heroes, and get more good maps.

Improve only gold (SR) and diamond (SSR) cards

These cards are the foundation that will shape your deck throughout the game. It doesn’t matter what attribute of balance they have: intuition, logic, or empathy. As soon as you pass the first chapter of the story and these cards fall into your hands, spend time on pumping them. And do it not for resources, but by replaying the battles you’ve already won. Yes, you won’t get S-Chips, but you’ll save gold coins and get the necessary experience.

Automate battle reruns

To avoid sitting at your computer during a restart of already completed battles, use macros! Opponents’ moves in Tears of Themis never change, and neither do their arguments. Consequently, you can practice one tactic, write it down as a macro, and run it time after time to accumulate more experience for your cards.

Macros are also useful for collecting rewards from all available sources within the game. Assign a key combination to record and run it as soon as you enter Tears of Themis.

Summon 10 cards at a time

Collect Tears of Themis. Don’t make a roll until you have at least ten tears in your account to summon. This slightly increases your chances of getting gold and diamond cards into your deck.

Also, don’t neglect completing daily quests and quests. If you want to not only watch the exciting story from the creators of Genshin Impact, but also organize the strongest team, then cling to every opportunity to get free resources.

Tears of Themis codes - free in-game rewards

Use Tears of Themis codes

Gift codes, often referred to as redeem codes or promo codes, are unique serial numbers that the game’s creators issue for usage inside the game. You get a certain prize when you use a code. Every game has a redemption process.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these Tears of Themis codes for April 2024 frequently expire, so avoid waiting till then. Additionally, these codes are made available on a number of sites, including the game’s social media accounts. As a result, it is exceedingly challenging to keep track of all of them.