The Resistance Tycoon codes for February 2024 – free cash and other bonuses

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

How long can you stave off The Resistance Tycoon’s undead invasion? In this Roblox game, you must attempt to endure after the end of the world! Add employees to boost your income, purchase soldiers and weapons to protect your base, then wait till nightfall to defend it from the undead! Will a nuclear attack be required? You get to decide as the resistance’s leader.

You can get in-game goods using the Resistance Tycoon codes for February 2024, such as equipment. Some give you an immediate infusion of cash, so you may upgrade your base right away, while others give you nukes. Any time of night, you can use a nuke to eliminate all the infected on the map.

We’ve waded through hordes of zombies to bring you every single Roblox The Resistance Tycoon codes that is currently accessible in this tutorial.

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Updated The Resistance Tycoon codes

Working codes for February 2024:

  • 60000likes – 10 minutes of 2x Income and a FREE NUKE (NEW)
  • 50000likes – Free Nuke & Double Income (10 minutes)
  • 40000likes – 10 minutes double income and one free nuke
  • 30000likes – 10 minutes of double income and one free nuke
  • bloater1 – free cash

Updated The Resistance Tycoon codes

Expired codes

  • 20000likes
  • 10000likes
  • 5000likes
  • 2000likes
  • 1000likes
  • 500likes

How do I redeem The Resistance Tycoon codes?

Simply follow these instructions to redeem The Resistance Tycoon codes:

  • Open up The Resistance Tycoon.
  • The Twitter codes icon can be found on the menu’s left side.
  • Put your code for February 2024 in the provided box.
  • Press redeem.
  • Enjoy the benefits!

How can you get more The Resistance Tycoon codes?

Are you looking for more details and codes for The Resistance Tycoon? Joining the official Mad Lads Roblox Group is an excellent place to start. For codes, you may also want to follow @Zernov X on Twitter and subscribe to the Zernov YouTube channel. The Mad Lads Discord Server, which has sections for announcements and more, is the last option.

What are The Resistance Tycoon codes?

A unique sequence of numbers and letters known as the Resistance Tycoon codes can be entered into the game to reveal special rewards. These codes are frequently distributed by game creator Mad Lads to correspond with milestones like the number of Roblox likes the game has received or with particular occasions and holidays.

The Resistance Tycoon: What is it?

The Resistance Tycoon is a fun variation on the standard Roblox tycoon experience. With up to four other players on a post-apocalyptic landscape, you each have a base that you can develop in the manner of a tycoon. The environment shifts from day to night or vice versa every ten minutes, with a massive wave of the undead striking at night. You can attack alongside your soldiers and receive levels after successful kills.