Type Soul Shikai Tier List (April 2024) – best elements to use

Last Updated on 04.04.2024

Hi friends, if you’re like me and have just started your adventure in the world of TYPE://SOUL on the Roblox platform, you probably need a little help with understanding which shikai are the best. Don’t worry, you’re in luck because today I present to you our Type Soul Shikai tier list!

Before we get started, let’s understand what a shikai is. In Type://Soul, they are special abilities that give players additional abilities and skills in battles. They can be the key to your victory if used correctly.

Let’s start with the best of the best, the S level. These shikai are true diamonds in your arsenal and can turn the tide of battle in your favor. They represent the highest level of skill and power in the world of Type://Soul.

At level A are the shikai, which are also very powerful, but slightly inferior to level S. They can still make your character strong and effective in battle.

Moving on to level B, we see shikai that may not be as powerful as the previous ones, but still have a lot of power and can be useful in various situations.

Level C includes shikai that begin to become obsolete as you progress in the game. They may be useful for beginners, but experienced players will probably look for more powerful alternatives.

And finally, Level D. These are the shikai that are unfortunately the weakest and least effective in battles. They may be interesting for collectors or those looking for a challenge, but are not recommended for serious battles.

Roblox Type Soul Shikai Tier List

Now that we have the levels sorted out, let’s move on to some specific shikai that might interest you. Keep in mind that these are only recommendations, and it’s best to experiment with different shikai to find the one that best suits your play style. Make sure to explore our Type Soul resurrection tier list, Blox Fruits sword tier list, our Pal Tower Defense tier list, Type Soul partial resurrection tier list, and our Type Soul clan tier list.

S Tier

  • Water Shikai
  • Ice Shikai
  • Flame Shikai

A Tier

  • Blood Shikai
  • Confusion Shikai
  • Shadow Shikai
  • Berserk Shikai

B Tier

  • Creation Shikai
  • Lighting Shikai
  • Ink Shikai

C Tier

  • Wind Shikai

D Tier

  • Right now, there aren’t any Shikai in D-tier!

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Hopefully, this tier list will help you navigate the world of Type://Soul and find the perfect shikai for your adventures! Good luck on the battlefields!