Undertale Arena codes for April 2024 – souls and XP

Last Updated on 11.04.2024

Our guide will teach you how to obtain and redeem Undertale Arena codes for free goods, cash, and improvements that will accelerate your progress and make you a better player. Gaem Studios created the Roblox game Undertale Arena.

You can play a three-dimensional version of Undertale from the viewpoints of numerous characters in Undertale: Arena. You can select your character at the start of the game, and you have to become proficient in using their skills to defeat rival players and boss characters alike in battle.

We have listed all of the working Roblox Undertale Arena codes for April 2024 that you can use to get free in-game stuff in one post. Let’s not waste any more time and look through the list of codes for this game.

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Because they instantly award you with useful resources like Gold, EXP, Souls, and DT, codes can be very useful in the game. These are often obtained by fighting other players and bosses in combat, however using these codes can help you bypass some of the tiresome grinding. The most frequent awards are DT and EXP, which are necessary for character advancement and leveling up in the game.

New Undertale: Arena codes

  • SEVENTHOUSANDS – 100 Souls, 200,000 XP, 200,000 DT, 650 G – NEW
  • UNDYNEISHYPE – 50 Souls, 100,000 XP, 200,000 DT
  • GGtoUNDERFELL – 66 Souls, 66,666 XP, 66,666 DT
  • ImInDISBELIEF – 55,555 XP, 55 Souls, 55,555 DT
  • SIXTHOUSANDS?! – 200K XP, 100 Souls, 200K DT
  • FIVEDOTFIVEK?!— 100 Souls, 200k XP, 200k DT, 500 Gold
  • FIVETHOUSAND— 150 Souls, 250k XP, 250k DT, 500 Gold
  • 4POINT5K— 125 Souls, 150k XP, 200k DT
  • SORRYGENO4— 1 Life Geno!Sans and 1 Life Error!Sans
  • ERRORUPDATE— 1 XP, 1 DT, 1 Souls, 500 Gold, Temporary Ink!Sans, Temporary Geno!Sans, and Temporary Error!Sans
  • 1MILVISITS— 1k XP, 1k DT, 40 Souls, and bonus items
  • 3200LIKES— 60k XP, 60k DT, and 70 Gold
  • SUMMER2022— 300 Gold
  • 2700LIKES— 60k XP and 60k DT
  • 2300LIKES— 50k XP, 30 Souls, and 50k DT
  • REMZEROVERSE— a cosmetic
  • FREEGOLD— Gold
  • EchidenpaiBrokeTheGAme2— free rewards
  • FREESOULS— Souls
  • SmallBoost— free rewards

Expired codes


How to redeem UT:A codes?

When you’re ready to use the code in the game, follow these steps:

  • Launch Roblox Undertale Arena on your device.
  • Press the Gear/Settings button located in the lower left corner of the screen while playing the game.
  • Enter the code exactly as it appears in the above list in the text field.
  • Click the Register Code button to get your prize!

So that’s everything for codes in this Undertale Arena wiki. Please keep in mind that each code in Undertale Arena can only be redeemed once. It will not work if you try to redeem it again after you have already claimed the prizes.

How can I obtain more Undertale Arena codes?

Gaem Studios developers post new codes to their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, Trello, and Reddit. You can obtain these codes by routinely visiting their social media handles. Additionally, remember to look for codes on the official Roblox group.

Undertale: Arena: What Is It?

Popular Roblox game Undertale: Arena is based on the amazing choice-driven and narrative-driven game Undertale. You spend more of your time fighting other players and some of the most infamous bosses and monsters from the original game in this edition than you do making decisions. You can upgrade your character’s stats and buy better equip using the experience and other resources you earn from each combat. Your primary objective is to play and win battles in order to evolve your character into their best form.