World of Tanks codes for April 2024 – gold and credits

Last Updated on 09.04.2024

World of Tanks is one of the most popular MMOs of all time and holds the record for the number of players simultaneously online. The game’s developer, Wargaming, helps promote the game and keep players interested in releasing codes that can be used in the PC version of the game. Bonus codes for April 2024 can give players free tanks, commanders, XP, credits and unlock missions, as well as a host of other benefits. Below you will find a list of all available codes in World of Tanks to get gold, credits, premium and much more.

You can use two types of codes in the game – bonus and invite codes. Applying these codes is quite easy, but depending on which type of code you use, they will be slightly different. Below, we’ve divided the codes into two different sections.

At the beginning of each section, we detail the redemption process for each type.

Invite codes for World of Tanks

Invite codes for World of Tanks

Invitation codes are used when you first create an account, and you can only use one code per account creation, so you may need to do a little research to decide which code to use when creating a new account. Invitation codes can come from a variety of sources as promotional materials. You can find them in the game’s promotional campaigns or get them from popular YouTubers or Twitch streamers who have received a code to share with their subscribers.

Invite codes for World of Tanks

To use the invitation code, go to the main World of Tanks website and click on “Create Account” in the menu or on the home page. At the bottom of the registration page, select the “Have an invite code??” option and enter the desired code. Once you register, the privileges for the code you entered will be added to your account. Below is a list of currently available invitation codes and what they provide. Please note that all working codes for April 2024 are case-sensitive.

  • WOT20231111— access to a mission (New)
  • RM2023X3D7— 3x Magnus Decals (New)
  • OMENLOOTMER2023— 300k Credits, 2x Blue Lagoon Camos, and 2x Summer Camos (New)
  • RM2023F1A1— 3x Decals “It’s Karl, Karl!”, and 5x Large Repair Kit
  • RM2023C1— 3x Decals
  • RM2023J1B2— access to a mission
  • BAJUR— 3 days Premium, Consumable Coffee, Cinnamon Buns, TOG II with Hot Tog Skin
  • EHRE— 3 Premium Tanks Tier 6 for 10 Battles
  • BBQ2023— 3x decals Howling Wolf, 3x decals Yakitori, 3x Improved combat ration, 3x camo Fireworks Night, and 3x personal reserved Free & Crew EXP (Asian Servers)
  • NEWSERVERRELOCATION— Premium 1 Day (Asia)
  • MEXICOIND2023— access to a mission
  • RM2023J1B2— access to a mission
  • RM2023F1A1— 3x Decals “It’s Karl, Karl!” and 5x Large Repair Kit
  • RM2023M3D3— 3x Decals “I’m With Stupid”
  • RM2023L1S1— access to a mission
  • RM2023A2B— 3 Decals I like it When
  • RM2023S1C2— 3x Decals “global map”
  • RM2023E1D1— access to a mission (Rewards: 3x decal, 5x random food)
  • INSPIREDBYYOU— 3x Large Repair Kits, 3x Personal Reserves, and 1 Hour of +200% Crew Experience
  • RM2023D1C1— 3x Deer Decals
  • A25Z9S4— a Random Country
  • A25B2F1— a Random Country
  • A25X4G7— a Random Country
  • A25X8S5— 1 x Premium Day, 5 x 5 EXP Missions, 5 x Crew/Free XP boosters
  • A25N7S8— 252.525 Credits
  • A25X4G7— random rewards
  • RM2023C1— 3 Decals
  • RM2023C2A— 3 Decals
  • EHRE— Extra Tokens and Missions
  • OGHSUMMER2023— Extra Tokens and Missions
  • 42ZTRAKQUICKYBABYMAY1— Extra Tokens and Missions
  • YYXF1Z1QUICKYBABYMAY2— Extra Tokens and Missions
  • PFNQ8V4— 1x Ninja Scroll Mission
  • PFNS1T8— Rewards
  • PFNB9H8— Rewards
  • EXTRACANDLES— 6 Candles
  • STPATOGHBNS— Rewards
  • SPEN5T5— 2x +50% Combat XP Booster, 6x Emblem Snake 2, and 6x Emblem Quadrifoil (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes for EU)
  • SPEJ5F1— 2x +50% Combat XP Booster, 4x Chocolate, and 3x Golden Horseshoe Decal (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes for EU)
  • SPEW6G5— 2x +200% combined Crew and Free XP Booster, 4x Pudding and Tea, and 3x Emblem Shamrock (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes for EU)
  • SPEM3E8— 2x +200% combined Crew and Free XP Booster, 4x Case of Cola and 3x Material Luck Decal (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes for EU)
  • SPEI2X86— an Emblem Snake 2, 4x Bread with Smalec, and 12x Green Paint (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes for EU)
  • SPEE6H9 — a 2D Style Shamrock, 3x directive “Designated target”, and 3x directive “Snap shot” (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes)
  • SPEY8X1 — a 2D Style Shamrock, 6x Emblem “Snake 2”, and 2x 200% Combo-Booster FreeXP and CrewXP (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes)
  • SPEM4O1 — a 3x Material Luck Decal, 6x Emblem “Snake 1”, and 2x 200% Combo-Booster FreeXP and CrewXP(New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes)
  • SPEC2R7 — a 3x Emblem “Golden Horseshoe”, 3x Directive “SnapShot” , and2x 50% Booster BattleXP (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes)
  • SPEH6S3 — a 3x Emblem “Golden Horseshoe”, 3x Emblem “Material Luck”, and 3x Emblem “Snake 2” (New, can only use 1 of these 5 codes)

Expired codes

  • SPEO7C4
  • SPEM9G9
  • SPEP6Q7
  • SPER9S2
  • SPEJ1L4
  • BTSN-G9EWK-944MW

WoT Bonus Codes

WoT Bonus Codes

Bonus codes can be used by anyone with a WoT account. These codes can be used only once for one person. These codes can be obtained by purchasing promotional products, participating in special events, or through promotional links published by Wargaming.

Activate WoT Bonus Codes

To activate a bonus code, log in to the World of Tanks website and click on your name so that a drop-down menu appears. At the very bottom, click on “Activate Wargaming code”. A dialog box with a big orange “REDEEM” button will appear in front of you. Enter the code exactly as it appears and click the button. You’ll see the reward when you log back into the game. Here are the currently available codes for April 2024:

  • HOTCOCOA12202
  • HALLPASS092004
  • IAMT26E52020
  • IAM50TP2020 
  • IAMKJP1052020 
  • IAMSOMUA2020 
  • IAMLT4322020 
  • IAMT92LT2020 
  • IAMM4492020 
  • IAMLOWE2020 
  • IAMSTRVS12020 
  • IAMTS52020 
  • IAMM41902020 

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