Car Dealership Tycoon codes (September 2023) – get cars, cash and other free gifts

Last Updated on 23.09.2023

Car Dealership Tycoon is a Roblox game in which you can build and customize your own car dealership. Stock up on a variety of cool exotic cars of all different styles and colors. Travel around the map with your friends, earn money by racing and buy different cars in your car dealership. The fresh list of codes for Car Dealership Tycoon for September 2023 in Roblox will reward you with in-game money that will help you get started and develop easily in this game mode.

Like all Roblox game codes, they expire after a certain amount of time. We recommend checking often and using the codes whenever you see them available. New codes are released randomly, so feel free to add this page to your bookmarks and check for a new list anytime.

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Latest Car Dealership Tycoon codes

Active codes for September 2023:

  • MoreBikes – $75,000 in-game money (NEW)
  • Motos – $75,000 in-game money
  • September2023—75k Cash
  • BackToSchool – $75,000 in-game money
  • TURBOZ – $70,000 in-game money
  • HelloAugust – $70,000 in-game money
  • SEASON6 – $70,000 in-game money
  • CAMBER – 70k cash
  • July2023 – 70k cash
  • Towing – 70k cash
  • Challenge – 70k cash
  • Customers – 70k cash
  • Season5 – 70k cash
  • 5thBday – 70k cash
  • Upgrades – 70k cash
  • OmgImPoor – 70k cash
  • EggHunt2023 – 70k  cash
  • Foxzie250kSubs – free car
  • CriminalVan – 70k cash
  • Helicopter – 75k cash

Latest Car Dealership Tycoon codes

Expired codes

  • Drifting
  • Season3
  • 600KLikes
  • 550KLikes
  • 200Trophies
  • Season3Soon
  • Hey2023
  • 7Quests
  • XmasIncoming
  • HyperDealer
  • CarFactory
  • IWaitLong
  • FreeTruck
  • Pumpkins
  • Season2
  • MoreKits
  • Bodykits
  • Season1
  • ATV
  • 1Billion
  • 825KVotes
  • NewBarn
  • Twitter50K
  • Interiors
  • 900MVisits
  • Crimes
  • 4Years
  • BarnFind

How do I redeem Car Dealership Tycoon codes?

To use the codes in Car Dealership Tycoon for September 2023, boot into the game and find the gear icon at the top of the screen. Click it to open the menu, and you should see a code box at the bottom. Enter any of the codes from our list above and click the green plus button to activate it.

What are the Car Dealership Tycoon codes?

Roblox’s developers frequently distribute codes for additional in-game goodies, and Car Dealership Tycoon codes are no exception, granting you access to some fast extras. Keep this page bookmarked for the most recent freebies.

How do I obtain additional Car Dealership Tycoon codes?

Though Car Dealership Tycoon has a more regulated update schedule than most other experiences, updates are still not provided at specified times, so there’s no way to tell when or where new codes will be given. Checking back with this page, following Foxzie, the inventor of Car Dealership Tycoon, on Twitter, and subscribing to his YouTube channel, Foxzie, are the best ways to remain up to date on codes. Every time an update is released, Foxzie uploads a video to his channel that contains a code! Codes are rarely shared there, but you can also join the Car Dealership Tycoon Discord server for extra behind-the-scenes information and sneak peeks!