MU Origin 3 codes – free gems and diamonds (April 2024)

Last Updated on 22.04.2024

MU Origin 3 is the third installment of the MMORPG saga, in which you will be able to explore a huge open world full of dangers. In this new game, you’ll find new features that will enhance the game’s experience – you’ll even be able to travel through each area of the map by air.

The graphical design of MU Origin 3 was created using UE4. The power of this graphics engine is evident in every scene depicted in the game. Both characters and environments are presented with a high level of realism, allowing you to immerse yourself in the narrative.

With the ability to rotate the camera as you see fit, you’ll always have the most appropriate perspective to follow your character’s actions. The control system is similar to that of the previous games. What’s more, you will effectively navigate each section of the map. Completing each of the missions offered to you will require a lot of effort to defeat strong opponents who will try to stop your progression.

It should be noted that in MU Origin 3 you will have several attacks that you can quickly use and combine to mount impressive offensives. Gradually, you will find many resources to expand your character’s capabilities and defeat the strongest enemies.

MU Origin 3 brings back the whole essence of the MU Origin saga, but does so by incorporating gameplay-enhancing elements. In addition, the graphics are constantly being improved to show you an increasingly realistic universe that will have you taking part in exciting challenges.

The list of all active MU Origin 3 codes  for April 2024 that you can use to earn cost-free in-game goodies is provided in this article. Additionally, we’ll keep adding fresh MU Origin 3 Codes to this article as they become available. Be sure to save this page to your favorites and return again to find new MU Origin 3 Codes before others.

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New MU Origin 3 codes

  • HAPPYWEEK41 – free rewards (Global) (NEW)
  • BQGJ47YNWJ – free rewards (SEA) (NEW)
  • HAPPYMONDAY41 – free rewards (Global)
  • 65UNZ4CJN2 – free rewards (SEA)
  • MONDAYCODE41 – free rewards (Global)
  • RVVUTUXR56 – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYWEEK40 – free rewards (Global)
  • WBDG582XDN – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYMONDAY40 – free rewards
  • ZF8H86VMJ5 – free rewards (SEA)
  • MONDAYCODE40 – free rewards (Global)
  • XJREHTQ4PH – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYWEEK39 – free rewards (Global)
  • KNKZQPUKHZ – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYMONDAY39 – free rewards (Global)
  • WZW5PCK6E3 – free rewards (SEA)
  • MONDAYCODE39 – free rewards (Global)
  • YFJFFJDZP8 – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYWEEK39B – free rewards (Global)
  • 6C859E3H2E – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYMONDAY40B – free rewards (Global)
  • DHGERJK3VB – free rewards (SEA)
  • MONDAYCODE39B – free rewards (Global)
  • U3WCDE85FX – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYWEEK38 – free rewards (Global)
  • ZUBQMPF7AN – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYMONDAY39A – free rewards (Global)
  • ZNEKUNZRZZ – free rewards (SEA)
  • MONDAYCODE38A – free rewards (Global)
  • 9QMMRVNSU3 – free rewards (SEA)
  • GDB3RXQCCL – free rewards (SEA)
  • HAPPYWEEK37 – free rewards (Global)

New MU Origin 3 codes

Expired MU Origin 3 codes

  • QueenBee
  • RuneMage
  • MULOVERS2023
  • Dragonkin
  • ElemGemUP
  • MasterTalent
  • LeagueS2
  • 2023MU3
  • AffixConversion
  • HalfYear
  • UltimateSkill
  • 2022WORLDCUP
  • SummitLeague
  • GemUPUP
  • 100DAY
  • F4CER3G
  • ORIG6N8
  • 1MAND500K
  • MU3SEA
  • MU321
  • 1M2NTH
  • MU333
  • MU3VIP

How do we use our MU Origin 3 redemption codes?

How do we use our MU Origin 3 redemption codes?

If you’re new to this game, you can follow these easy instructions to get free rewards using MU Origin 3 codes for April 2024:

  • Start the game.
  • Access Settings.
  • Pick the Misc tab.
  • There, enter your promo code. Our displayed code can be typed or copied and pasted right here, but as it avoids typos, we advise copying it instead.
  • Claim by pressing the button.
  • Please feel free to receive your goodies via in-game mail.

Because there is always plenty to do in MU Origin 3, gathering resources is not difficult. However, by applying the codes for April 2024 we have gathered, you can quickly obtain a substantial amount of incentives. We also hope you found this information to be useful. Don’t forget to read the tips and tricks for newcomers to MU Origin 3 on our website.