Rage Mage codes (May 2024) – diamonds and tokens

Last Updated on 21.05.2024

You will no longer be able to hide like an ordinary person when you set foot on a magical island. This time fate has chosen you, and you will be determined to fulfill your mission. Yes, the gates of magic are opening before you. Unlock the secrets of card magic and formations, unravel the mysteries of forging mysterious equipment, and whether the enchantments of runes and sacred weapons will help you conquer this crisis-ridden world of magic in Rage Mage.

Collect the power of the stars to create your own style of combat. Combine gems and star cards to get extra power-ups to help you navigate the dangerous world of magic!

Grab an abundance of resources to improve your mystic altar, collect runic stones with various attributes, and enjoy runic spirit bonuses! There are even elemental clan-level spirits waiting to be unlocked!

Facing elite bosses with different attributes can help you find the best strategy against the enemy and break through the levels to get the best resources! Complete the main level and unlock the elite level. Are you ready to take on the challenge!

Making your life as a mage easier by using these Rage Mage codes for May 2024 to gain free diamonds, gems, and tokens is something you should do since you deserve it.

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Working Rage Mage codes

  • STUPEFYMAX – Rewards (NEW) (Expires May 27th, 2024)
  • VIDARDICE – Free Rewards
  • SALVAGEOPS – Free Rewards
  • VIP2023 – 20 diamonds, 15 cards, 3x speed up cards
  • vip888 – 88 coins, 1x gem token, 15 cards
  • RM2023 – 88 coins, 1x gem token, 15 cards

Working Rage Mage codes

Expired Rage Mage codes


How can I use my Rage Mage redemption codes?

Observe these simple procedures to redeem your Rage Mage codes:

  • Open Rage Mage
  • Press the “+” button.
  • Access Settings
  • Click Redeem.
  • After entering your code, click the green “Redeem” button.
  • For your rewards, check your in-game mail!