Titan Tower Defense codes for April 2024 – coins

Last Updated on 17.04.2024

Greetings, warriors! For those of you who are up for the challenge and looking for extra benefits, we have secret codes that unlock access to various rewards in the Titan Tower Defense game. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Welcome to Titan Tower Defense, where an epic battle awaits you! Here you will find an incredible variety of units ready to enter the battlefield and defend our fortress from invading enemies. Each unit has unique abilities and strategic advantages that make the battle even more exciting.

From powerful titans to cunning snipers, you’ll find everything you need to build an invincible army. But remember that your strategy plays a key role in this battle. You must place your units in such a way as to maximize your effectiveness against the enemies and prevent them from penetrating our defensive towers.

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New Titan Tower Defense codes

  • SorryForShutdown! – free Coins (NEW)
  • 11kMembers – free Coins (NEW)
  • 12kMembers – free Coins (NEW)
  • 2mVisits – free Coins (NEW)
  • 2.5kPlayers – free Coins 
  • 10kMembers – free Coins 
  • 1.5mVisits – free Coins 
  • 1.5kPlayers – free Coins 
  • 2kPlayers – free Coins
  • 8000Members – free Coins 
  • 1.1kPlayers – free Coins 
  • 1.2kPlayers – free Coins 
  • 2000Favorites – free Coins 
  • 7000Members – free Coins
  • 1MVisits – free Coins 
  • 2kLikes – free Coins
  • 1kPlayers – 1500 Coins 
  • 1500Favorites – 200 Coins 
  • 5000Members – 200 Coins
  • 6000Members – 200 Coins 
  • 1kLikes – 200 Coins 
  • 500kVisits – 1000 Coins 
  • Easter – 500 Coins 
  • 4000Members – 200 Coins
  • 3000Members – 300 Coins
  • 2000Members – 200 Coins
  • 700Players – 200 Coins 
  • 100Likes – 500 Coins 
  • 100Players – 500 Coins
  • ThanksFor50kVisits – 500 free coins
  • bugfixes – 350 free coins
  • freecoins – 500 Coins
  • freecoins2 – 300 Coins
  • freecoins3 – 200 Coins
  • youtookallmymoney – 100 Coins
  • DiscordExclusive – 350 Coins
  • 300Players – 1000 Coins
  • 400Players – 750 Coins
  • 500Players – 750 Coins
  • 600Players – 750 Coins
  • 1000Members – 750 Coins

Expired TTD codes

  • At the moment, there aren’t any expired codes.

How to redeem Titan Tower Defense codes?

When you’re prepared to enter the code into the game, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Launch Roblox Titan Tower Defense on your device.
  • Click the Codes button on the right side of the screen.
  • Copy one of our codes above.
  • Enter the code in the code input box.
  • Press the ENTER button to get a reward.

How to redeem Titan Tower Defense codes?

That concludes the coverage of all the codes in this Titan Tower Defense wiki. Please be aware that you can only redeem a single code in Titan Tower Defense once. It won’t work if you try to redeem it again after you’ve already claimed the rewards.

How to get more Titan Tower Defense codes?

The updated codes are made available by [What A Game] developers on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, Trello, and Reddit. By often visiting their social media handles, you can gather these codes for April 2024. Additionally, remember to search the official Roblox group for codes.

Get ready for a decisive battle in Titan Tower Defense! Show everyone your tactical skills, ability to manage your army and defend your fortress from the most dangerous threats. Go for the win!